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Breanna W. | MBA Health Administration ‘19
Breanna’s MBA program network led to her accepting a job in IT strategy for Centura Health.

Helene B. | MA in Couple and Family Therapy
As an aspiring couples and family therapist, Helene shared that CU Denver values her learning and growth. 

Define the Health Career You Desire

CU Denver Health programs strive to advance knowledge, promote wellness, and improve healthcare outcomes for individuals locally and around the world. Our programs encourage students to explore the multi-dimensional nature of health and healthcare delivery, from clinical practice to public health policy. Our curriculum prepares future healthcare professionals to address pressing health challenges and advocate for equitable access to quality care. Join us in shaping a healthier future for all.

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Novel Approaches to Health

CU Denver challenges traditional notions of health-related careers, transforming how health is perceived, practiced, and applied in diverse communities.

Total Health Vision

Our institution embraces a holistic view of health, recognizing its impact on individuals and communities at large. From design to operations, we understand the interconnectedness of health across all aspects of society.

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Choose From Many Paths

With a wide range of degree programs, educational disciplines, and schools within CU Denver offering a variety of health pathways, students have ample choice to find their calling. Whether that be a healthcare administrator, a bioengineer, a family therapist, or somewhere in between, graduates make a meaningful impact on their chosen fields.   

Select Health Programs to Enhance Your Career

Your Health Journey Begins Here.

BS Biology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The BS Biology degree path has an integrative approach that embraces the interdependences of biological systems, offering a comprehensive understanding of the natural world. The curriculum covers life at every level, from the molecular mechanisms of DNA to the ecological dynamics of ecosystems. Engage in real-world biological issues, like studying microbial activity in water treatment facilities or investigating ecological patterns in landscapes. Our dedicated faculty and supportive learning environment ensure that you thrive academically and professionally.

  • 120 credit hours, with fall, spring, and summer start terms
  • Full-time, part-time, and online options available
  • Explore interconnectedness of biological systems with interdisciplinary approaches
  • In-class learning assistants help students every step of the way
Charlie Ferguson closeup

“I had no idea what I would do with a bachelor’s in biology, but there were two professors at CU Denver, neurobiologists Gerald and Teresa Audesirk. The way they presented the material, it just captured me. I would not have been able to do any of it without amazing faculty members and night/weekend classes. CU Denver gives people a chance to make something of themselves. That’s what attracted me to teaching here and what kept me here.”

– Charlie Ferguson, PhD, Professor Emeritus Integrated Biology, 2x CU Denver Graduate

BA Psychology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Discover the intricate realms of human behavior with CU Denver’s BA in Psychology. Whether you’re drawn to counseling, social work, or industrial psychology, our program is ready to suit your career aspirations. Through coursework that delves into the science of thoughts, brains, and actions, you’ll engage with diverse perspectives and collaborative research initiatives, enriching your academic path.

  • 120 credit hours, with fall, spring, and summer start terms
  • Full-time, part-time, and online options available
  • Join Psi Chi, engage with the community, and participate in research initiatives
  • Specialize your path, choose between several dual-degree and minor options
Dominique H

“The psychology department has cracked me wide open in the best way possible! Its courses and faculty have provided me with a more holistic outlook on life, particularly on who we are as individuals and how we operate amongst the masses, ultimately allowing me to extend more grace to myself and others.”

– Dominique H., B.A. Psychology, ’22

BS/BA Public Health

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Create direct, positive impacts on your community's health and well-being with the BS/BA in Public Health. You’ll gain comprehensive knowledge pertaining to public health principles and practices, giving you the foundation needed to address pressing health challenges.

  • 120 credit hours, with fall, spring, and summer start terms
  • Full-time, part-time, and online options available
  • Prepare for careers in public health admin, epidemiology, health ed, policy analysis, and more
  • Extend your degree with double majors or minors. Get your bachelor's & master’s in 5 years.
Jessica G

“It was kind of intimidating at first because there are so many people here. But it’s the best place to be to study public health. It’s strange… It’s such a large campus, but my public health professors were great at making everyone feel included. That’s the strength of the public health program.”

– Jessica G. ’20, MPH ’21

BS Bioengineering

College of Engineering, Design and Computing

Join the frontier of innovation in healthcare with the BS Bioengineering program. Designed to merge biomedical science, engineering, and mathematics, this rigorous program equips students with the skills to tackle complex challenges and improve human health. With a unique emphasis on experiential learning and cross-disciplinary collaboration, students find a transformative education that prepares them for impactful careers at the intersection of engineering and medicine.

  • 128 credit hours, with fall, spring, and summer start terms
  • Join the first bioengineering program in Colorado, pioneering the leading edge of research
  • Merge your BS to MS, seamlessly transitioning to grad studies during 3rd year
  • Get the best of both the Denver and Anschutz campus, with clinical and biomedical labs
Alyssa S

“I quickly found my home within the Bioengineering department. The students and faculty within the Bioengineering department were extremely supportive and taught a broad range of classes that provided an extensive understanding of the field.”

–Alyssa S., BS Bioengineering, ’21

MBA Healthcare Administration

Business School

Make an immediate impact in the healthcare sector through the MBA Healthcare Administration. This program offers a specialized blend of business and healthcare expertise, empowering professionals like you to thrive in administrative or policy roles with healthcare organizations. With a focus on real-world experience and strong connections to the health community through at hospitals, HMOs, medical group practices, and consulting companies, this program prepares students to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry with confidence.

  • Ranked #28th by U.S. News and World Report
  • 45 credit hours, GMAT/GRE optional, with start terms in the fall and spring
  • Full-time, part-time, with flexible evening class scheduling
  • 90% job placement over the last three years
Rulon Stacey

“Our program is the only accredited health administration program in the state. That is a big deal for potential employers. They want somebody who they know comes from a program that meets the standards of CAHME-accreditation.”

– Rulon Stacey, PhD, Director of Health Administration Graduate Programs

MA Counseling

School of Education & Human Development

The MA Counseling program is your gateway to a fulfilling career in mental health. The degree has concentrations in school counseling and clinical mental health. Accredited by Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Program (CACREP), our program equips you with the knowledge and know-how to provide counseling services to diverse clients in varied settings, including mental health centers, private practices, substance abuse centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, hospice services, and K-12 schools. With a focus on culturally responsive and systemic frameworks, students gain the ability to practice ethically and become eligible for licensure as a Professional Counselor, Licensed School Counselor, or both through our unique dual licensure program.

  • 63 credit hours, 3-4 years completion time
  • Flexible scheduling with online and on-campus classes available
  • Align career goals with focuses on education & counseling or social and behavior sciences
  • Chi Sigma Iota honors program, a community that promotes scholarship, professionalism, and more
Hennessy M

“I spent a great deal of time researching graduate Counseling programs to make sure I would get the best education possible. As a second-generation Mexican American and first-generation graduate student, I was searching for a program that emphasized diversity and culture because I hope to work with underprivileged and minority youth after graduation.”

–Hennessy M., MA in Counseling '24

MA Couples & Family Therapy

School of Education & Human Development

Foster healthier relationships and improve family dynamics with the MA in Couples and Family Therapy. This is your pathway to become a skilled and compassionate therapy professional. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), our program prepares students to provide culturally informed, equity-focused services. The curriculum is grounded in social justice and research-informed relational perspectives, giving students the expertise to address mental and emotional disorders while promoting optimum relational health.

  • 54 credit hours, 2.5-year program length for full-time students, 4 years for part-time students
  • Courses scheduled in three-hour blocks Mon-Thurs, offering flexibility with evening/weekend options
  • SEHD is ranked among U.S. News & World Report's Best Graduate Schools
  • Get real-world experience in on-campus Student and Community Counseling Center, mentored by licensed clinicians and AAMFT Approved Supervisors
Hannah L

“I’m excited to become a Couple and Family Therapist. I've learned a lot from the faculty, guest lecturers, and fellow students who have shared their unique stories with humility and courage. I am grateful to learn within an environment that prizes both inclusion and systemic thinking, and believe we are being thoughtfully prepared to make a meaningful difference within the mental health profession and the communities we will serve.”

– Hannah L., MA in Couple and Family Therapy '25

Innovative Health Education at CU Denver

At CU Denver, we believe in reshaping the future of healthcare by fostering innovation, promoting community well-being, and embracing diversity in health-related fields. Our commitment to advancing total health extends beyond the classroom, empowering students to make meaningful contributions to society. Explore our diverse degree programs and discover how you can be part of a transformative movement in healthcare. Your journey to redefining health starts here.  

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