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Matias G. | MBA (‘18)
Wrote the business plan for his restaurant, Taco Uprising, as a part of an MBA class assignment.

Neeka M. | BSBA (‘23)
Secured a full-time job with Deloitte before graduating.

Mitchell M. | BSBA (‘26)
Received the Governor’s Citizenship Medal in the Emerging Community Leader category in his second semester.

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Practical Pathways to Success

At CU Denver, we understand that success thrives where opportunity meets ambition. Nestled in the heart of Denver, amidst a bustling economy ripe with innovation, our institution serves as a beacon for aspiring business leaders. With over 300 esteemed partnerships woven into the fabric of our community, we offer more than just degrees –we provide pathways to possibility. We bring together industry figureheads and bright, motivated students, fostering connections that transcend curriculum. Here, students shake hands with business leaders both inside and outside the classroom, gaining insights and forging relationships that shape their professional journeys.

Professor giving lecture to students

Time-Tested and Impact-Driven

At CU Denver, students thrive in a knowledge-rich environment, shaping a future of positive global impact, supported by over 30 years of leadership development.

Embedded in Denver’s Thriving Economy

The Business School leverages its location to provide direct access to top firms, touting a vibrant network of 300+ employers and 27,000 alumni, providing students avenues into engaging careers.

CU Denver students walking down stairs on campus
CU Denver business students sitting at table discussing class

Modern Learning Environments

80% of our students work while enrolled; the Business School prides itself on flexible learning formats that accommodate various pathways, allowing students to get the most out of their education.

Abundant Career Opportunities

Business School students are well-prepared for life after graduation—alumni report a 76% employment rate across all graduate programs within three months of graduation.

CU Denver business student sitting outside

Select Business Programs to Enhance Your Career

Be part of the next generation of business leaders.

BS Business Administration

Business School

The BS Business Administration (BSBA) ensures students are prepared for contemporary business challenges across a variety of disciplines. With a robust curriculum covering core business processes such as accounting, economics, marketing, management, and strategy, along with traditional liberal arts courses like English, mathematics, and humanities, students will have a foundation upon which to build. Applied coursework, internships, and networking opportunities from industry leaders gives students practical insights and helps build valuable connections to thrive in their chosen paths.

  • 120 credit hours, most classes have online options, can be completed full-time or part-time.
  • 12 majors to craft your career including information systems, entrepreneurship, marketing, sports business and more.
  • Real-world business environments through internships, competitions, and study-abroad opportunities.
  • Comprehensive career development resources, including resume workshops and job placement assistance.
Kristina L

“CU Denver was a leap of faith, but with the help of my advisors and professors sharing their stories, I finally found something that clicked: strategic communication and business development.”

– Kristina L., ’23, BSBA Marketing

Professional MBA

Business School

A comprehensive understanding of leadership, management, and strategy is vital for business success. Our AACSB-accredited Professional MBA program at the Business School offer flexible modalities, catering to business leaders both within and outside of Colorado. The curriculum integrates foundational business principles with advanced strategy and management techniques, empowering students to navigate complex challenges and drive organization growth short- and long-term.

  • Several program structures and degree specializations to customize your education with niche knowledge, elective courses, and industry-specific exposure.
  • Interactive case studies and practical learning opportunities to help drive innovation around complex problems, and lead future-focused organizations.
  • Class scheduling designed with maximum flexibility in mind—take as little as one class, or up to five classes, per semester, either on-campus, hybrid, or online.
Celina A

“CU Denver Business School offered the reputation and program flexibility I needed to succeed. I remember my marketing and leadership classes fondly, which helped me better understand different leadership styles and backgrounds.”

– Celina A., ’06, MBA

MS Information Systems

Business School

The MS in Information Systems program layers managerial training with technical concepts, helping students become leaders in their chosen career path. Students can customize their degree to their interests or choose a specialization in either Business Intelligence or Cybersecurity.

  • 30 credit hours, STEM certified, Fall, Spring, Summer start terms.
  • Online and evening class options for working professionals.
  • Strong focus on technical concepts and how to effect change through technologies. Explore topics such as networking, database, security, governance, business strategy, and project management.
  • Career development opportunities through guest speakers, panel events, and career fairs.
Daniel P

“The program curriculum and especially two courses, IT Governance and Management class along with his Database Management Systems class were the cornerstone to receiving my internship and being offered a full-time job.”

– Daniel P., ’18, MS Information Systems

MS Business Analytics

Business School

The MS in Business Analytics program offers an in-depth curriculum focused on modeling and applications, preparing students for a career as a business analyst in industry or government. With coursework that includes programming languages like Python, R, AMPL, and SQL and software like SAS, Simio, Tableau, and Excel, students graduate with the technical skills and knowledge to make sound business decisions. Through consulting work, internships, and a practicum, students have several learning opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom to today's business problems.

  • 30 credit hours, STEM certified, Fall & Spring start terms.
  • Online and evening class options for working professionals.
  • Technical and business training to model problems and find actionable business solutions.
  • Career development opportunities through guest speakers, panel events, and career fairs.
Keerthichand 'KC' N

“The curricular approach of his business analytics program is a perfect mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and helped me secure a summer internship in 2022 with global manufacturer Georgia Pacific. All the questions in my internship interview were about projects that were part of my coursework. As a result, I was able to articulate and explain them well.”

– Keerthichand “KC” N., ’22, MS Business Analytics

Denver Built. Global Ready.

At CU Denver Business School, we open doors and lower barriers to success. Offering more degree choices than any other Colorado university, you have the space to explore and engage with many career paths and learning opportunities. We connect principle, purpose, and progress, giving students the inclusive, forward-thinking leadership needed to thrive in today’s business world.