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Immunization and Certification Requirements

The University of Colorado mandates all students in health care professions, whose training includes clinical settings and patient contact, complete standard immunization requirements upon admission and prior to rotations. The sections below provide more information about when North American-Trained PharmD (NTPD) and International-Trained PharmD (ITPD) students should submit their immunization and certification requirements. Students should refer to the Immunization and Certification Requirement Packet for instructions on how and when to complete the requirements. In addition, print out and submit the corresponding forms and handouts at the appropriate deadlines.

  • New Students - Students will have assignments throughout their didactic coursework, which may require them to interact with patients. As such, newly admitted and reinstated students will submit their immunization and certification requirements by the deadlines as outlined below. Students who do not meet this deadline will have an administrative hold placed on their account.
    • ITPD Students - Students will complete all the requirements before starting their Live Summer Session I.
    • NTPD Students - Students admitted for the fall and spring semesters will have six weeks from the start of the semester to submit their requirements.

  • Returning Students - Most rotation sites now require the DDP Office to verify students have completed all their immunization and certification requirements several months prior to the start of a rotation and these requirements must remain up-to-date throughout the rotation. Therefore, students will update their requirements by the following deadlines:
    • October 1 - For students beginning rotations in the spring semester
    • March 1 - For students beginning rotations in the summer semester
    • July 1 - For students beginning rotations in the fall semester