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Student Organizations

Student Council


To foster and maintain a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship among components of the School of Pharmacy (including its student body, faculty and staff) as well as the components of the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus.

  • To act as a liaison between students and the administration.
  • To serve as a forum in which information is clarified and disseminated.
  • To advise students of administrative policies and actions.
  • To inform the administration of the concerns and recommendations of the students concerning School of Pharmacy issues.
  • To express only the recommendations of their representative classes and student professional organizations, refraining from personal opinion. This is not to imply that each representative may not freely participate in discussions leading to the formulation of the recommendations of the Student Council.
  • To coordinate student activities within the School of Pharmacy
  • To promote unity among the students, faculty and administration.
  • To create an annual budget to allocate funds for student activities.
  • To ensure representation and facilitate communication with established student organizations within the School of Pharmacy.
  • To be an effective leader:
    • Promote community services activities.
    • Identify needs within the School of Pharmacy, student organizations, the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical campus, the community and the profession.
    • Organize and mobilize students and resources to meet identified needs.

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Current Officers:

P4 Class Officers:
President: Maria Pearson
Vice President: Eric Hartsfield
Secretary: Hallie Zhang
Treasurer: My Pham
Senators: Pengsue Yang
Zaynib Hassan
P3 Class Officers and Student Council Officers:
President: Tony Duong
Vice President: Paige Holtz
Secretary: Sydney Zackeroff
Treasurer: Neelema Chand
Senators: Jessica Brady
Kathy Pan
P2 Class Officers:
President: Barbara Calvert
Vice President: Blake Bruene
Secretary: Hanna Tillman
Treasurer: Marie Storer
Senators: Caitlin Hart
Ashley Phyu
P1 Class Officers:
Vice President: