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Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

The SSPPS has a rich history of strong research programs and areas of research emphasis in the school can be found here​. The Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies is Dr. David Ross who is assisted by Peggy McIntosh MBA, Director of Research Administration and a grants management and administrative staff that includes Lisa Gabory, Rose Goldberg-Gale, Courtney Koelsch, Jackie Milowski and Rochelle Cassell.

The ADR office oversees and supports all aspects of research in the school. We implemented a seed grant program to support interdepartmental and cross-disciplinary research (see below), support for visiting scientists, and sponsor an annual retreat to promote and celebrate research. We also implemented a faculty mentoring program and a research workshop series.

The ADR office also supports all aspects of graduate training and education at the school including research, funds for student travel to conferences, student seminar programs, and an annual student symposium.

FY19 Seed Grants​

PIs/Collaborators Title
Fritz/Jeong Characterizing a regulatory role for sirtuin activity in myofibril mechanics and heart failure
Joy/Edelstein Bardoxolone Methyl and 6-Gingerol as Nephroprotectants and Adjuncts to Chemotherapy in a Mouse Cancer Model of Cisplatin Induced Kidney Injury
MacLaren/Frank The Acute Influence of Acid Suppression with Esomeprazole on Gastrointestinal Microbiota, Metabolomics of the CNS, and Cognition in a Murine Model of Physiologic Stress
Patel/Joshi Gut Microbiome Alterations by Ketogenic Diet Treatment
Roede/D'Alessandro Investigation of maneb-mediated metabolic shifts using stable isotope tracing metabolomics
Saba/Ehringer Dissecting the Genetic Predisposition for Opioid Self Administration using a Rat Model
N. Reisdorph/Kuhn Determination of an optimal Cannabis dosing strategy that elicits physiological changes in mice
O'Bryant/R. Agarwal A Phase 1 Study of Bitter Melon Juice in Patients with Advanced Solid Malignancies
Catalano/Backos Molecular Interactions Driving Viral Capsid Assembly and Stability
Scheinman/Monte A Cellular Based Assay for Novel Synthetic Cannabinoids and their Metabolites
Brooks/Anderson/Kiser Cellular pharmacology and platelet effects of abacavir and lamivudine anabolites

FY18 Seed Grants​

PIs/Collaborators Title
Reynolds/Kiser, T Evaluation of prophylactic heparin dosage on the incidence of venous thromboembolism, bleeding, and thrombocytopenia in critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation
LaBarbera/Bain Drug discovery targeting CHD1L in colorectal cancer
Cruickshank-Quinn/Nield Evaluating the role of oxidative phosphorylation emphysema treatment and progression

FY17 Seed Grants​

PIs/Collaborators Title
Catalano/Gutierrez-Hartman Designer Nanoparticles for Use in Breast Cancer Therapy
C. Agarwal/Wempe Drug Interactions of DGE with Oral Therapies
Reigan/Siegel/Matheson Hypoxia-activated Prodrugs of Kinase Inhibitors
Mallela/Anchordoquy​ Exosome-assisted Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy
S. Anderson A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of an Electronic Examination Implementation
M. Jeffers Meeting the Demand for Antibiotic Stewardship Pharmacists Through the Analysis of Current Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Curriculum in the US

FY16 Seed Grants

PIs/Collaborators Title
Agarwal, R. Trujillo Beneficial Effects of Bitter Melon Supplementation on Aberrant Metabolic Parameters and Gut Microbiome Signature in Obese Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Mueller/Reisdorph N. Evaluation of antigen response, pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory biomarkers in critically-ill burn and neurosurgical patients
Radcliffe/Reisdorph, N. Development of Drugs for the Treatment of Alcoholism: A Metabolomics Approach
Roede/LaBarbera Discovery of novel Down syndrome-related toxicophores and their impact on neuronal differentiation using high-throughput and high-content screening
Siegel/Bain/Reisdorph, N Redox regulation of the mRNA chaperone function of NQ01

FY15 Seed Grants

PIs/Collaborators Title
Bainbridge/Huntsman/ Libby/Patel Epilepsy and its comorbidities: building evidence from clinical outcomes and plasma biomarkers
Joy/Charkoftaki/ Anchordoquy/Thurman A novel imatinib dosage form to target the kidney in lupus nephritis
Kiser, T/Wempe/Saavedra Evaluation of steady-state pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of intravenous colistimethate sodium in adult patients with cystic fibrosis
Deep/O'Bryant A novel combination strategy to treat basal cell carcinoma
Nield/Backos Modeling PPAR agonist binding and activity
Mallela/Reid Finding magic bullets to treat muscular dystrophy
Aquilante/Bain Characterization of plasma protein assembly states following left ventricular assist device implantation
Simberg/LaBarbera/Wang, L/Reid/Gomez Construction of a proof-of-principle, nanoparticle-based small molecule library
Wempe/Borgelt Probing potential drug-drug interactions in patients who are consuming cannabis
MacLaren/Radcliffe/Frank The Acute Influence of Acid Suppression with Esomeprazole on Gastrointestinal Microbiota and the Gene Expression Profile of Brain in a Murine Model of Physiologic Stress
Ju/Reisdorph Identification of Metabolic Biomarkers in Hepatic Macrophages During Alcohol Liver Disease
Fritz/Reid Investigating acetyl-SOD2 regulation via high throughput screening and in vivo PQQ intervention
Huntsman/O'Neill/Saba Pharmacological plasticity and genetic identification in human epilepsy
Aquilante/Page/Saba Genetic predictors of cardiac allograft vasculopathy following cardiac transplantation
Tewari-Singh/Fritz Oxidative stress-related protein modifications in corneal toxicity by chloropicrin