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High-Throughput Screening and Chemical Biology Core Facility

HTS Assay Technologies

EnVision Plate Reader (Perkin Elmer)

The EnVision is a multi-mode plate reader capable of collecting data for all common assay types on 96, 384, or 1536 well plates. This includes:

  • Absorbance / Colorimetric
  • Fluorescence Intensity
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence/Time-Resolved FRET (LANCE, DELFIA, HTRF)
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Fluorescence Quenching / De-quenching
  • AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA
  • Luminescence (Luciferase, chemiluminescence)>

The EnVision can be run in stand-alone mode (useful in assay development or for small numbers of plates), or as an automated, integrated system with the Janus liquid handler (Useful for large screens). ​