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Master's Degree (MS) in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Molecular and Systems Toxicology Track

Like many other disciplines, mechanistic toxicology has been transformed by the application of systems approaches and the integration of genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic techniques to elucidate molecular mechanisms of toxicity. Future toxicologists must be able to harness and exploit the power of molecular and systems approaches to reveal the mechanisms underlying the toxic effects of drugs and other xenobiotics.

This track affords students the opportunity to learn about systems toxicology and receive the training necessary to succeed in a changing research environment that is rapidly becoming focused on big data. Students graduating from this track will be sought after by employers in industry, biotechnology and government.

Sample curriculum for the Molecular and Systems Toxicology track

Courses listed in blue are core classes required for all tracks; courses in red are required for the specific track; courses in green are representative electives (specific selections will be determined by the advisor and student based on career goals).


Questions? Need More Information?

Feel free to directly contact Dr. David Kroll, Director of Master's Degree Programs, at 303-724-4626, or by email to