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Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy

Professional Curriculum


The Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy program requires the completion of 33 semester credit hours of online coursework. The program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals to succeed in any clinical pharmacy setting and includes coursework in pharmacy practice, applied clinical pharmacy practice, pharmacotherapy and healthcare systems. In addition to the didactic coursework, there are two practice-based, longitudinal portfolios on drug information and professional skills and a capstone thesis project.

Required Courses
18 credit hours

  • Foundational Core - These courses serve as the foundation for clinical and applied practice courses. Courses in this category are prerequisites for other courses.
  • Pharmacy Practice Core - These courses provide knowledge and skills relating to practice as a clinical pharmacist including communicating and partnering with other healthcare professionals. Within this category, students gain experience applying skills in their own practice setting with guidance from a faculty member through online, longitudinal portfolios.
  • Applied Clinical Pharmacy Practice Core - These courses build on the above categories and Pharmacotherapy courses, providing students the knowledge and skills to provide patient-centered pharmacy care. Examples include Evidence-based Medicine and Literature Evaluation, and Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making.

Required-Choice Courses
10 credit hours

Students complete courses from the following sub-categories, selecting those relating to their practice and professional goals.

  • Pharmacotherapy - Complete 8 credit hours of the 15 credit hours offered in several therapeutic areas. Courses include significant skills-based activities, thereby preparing students to succeed in advanced application of skills in the clinical capstone course and future patient-centered pharmacy care practice.
  • Healthcare Systems - Complete 2 credit hours of the 5 credit hours offered. Courses in this area provide students an understanding of U.S. based healthcare systems issues (i.g., Healthcare Informatics).

Elective Courses
5 credit hours

Electives allow students to design a program to meet their professional needs. Students may select additional courses from Pharmacotherapy or Healthcare Systems categories described above, or from additional elective courses, such as Pharmacogenomics.

Review the program's Admissions Requirements​