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International-Trained PharmD Program

Professional Curriculum

Professional Curriculum

The ITPD curriculum meets the same abilities-based outcomes as the school’s on-campus entry-level program, with advanced standing achieved through coursework earned in the applicant’s baccalaureate Pharmacy degree, prior professional experience, and successful of passing of two pre-admission foundational exams (one on basic biomedical sciences and the second on pharmaceutical sciences). These exams assure that knowledge obtained from coursework provided in the applicant’s baccalaureate pharmacy program may be accepted as credit for previous degree work. Alternatively, applicants may demonstrate this competency through successful passing of the US Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam (FPGEE). These applicants will submit an official copy of their FPGEE exam results.

The ITPD Program then requires the completion of 54 credit hours of didactic coursework, which includes introductory/advanced introductory pharmacy practice experiences and 36 credit hours experiential training in advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs), or rotations, totaling 90 credit hours.

Curriculum Planning

The ITPD Program is primarily a distance-based program, yet the ITPD Program does require students to come to Colorado during the curriculum. During these visits, students complete program requirements through live sessions, which occur at the beginning and toward the end of the curriculum.

The first live session includes four weeks of on-campus training, which provides in-person interaction, individualized education and support, and introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs).

The second live session includes the advanced IPPE and on-campus training and assessments to prepare students for the advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations, which are completed in the US over 30-36 weeks. ITPD students do not have to complete the APPE rotations consecutively, so students do have the option to come to the US for multiple short periods of time during the second live session. Additionally, ITPD students have the opportunity to complete one (1) elective APPE rotation at an international rotation site, upon approval.

A program overview, representing the timeline of live and online sessions, is provided here​.

Learn more about the didactic curriculum and experiential training for the ITPD Program in the links below.

All students have six years to complete the program requirements. To offer maximum flexibility, the 90 semester credit hours can be completed in a part-time or full-time format. The ITPD Program encourages students to complete, at a minimum, four to six credit hours per semester for a part-time format; 7-9 credit hours per semester of didactic courses will lead to program completion in three years.

Upon admission into the ITPD Program, all students will schedule an advising call. During the advising call, every student will receive an individualized plan defining how and when the student will complete the didactic and experiential requirements. Any student can request an advising call at any time during the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of the ITPD program’s pathway to the PharmD degree does not ensure eligibility for licensure in the US, as each state sets its own requirements for licensure.​