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International-Trained PharmD Program

Experiential Training

The ITPD experiential training curriculum begins within the didactic curriculum, where we provide 300 contact hours of introductory and advanced introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs/aIPPEs). Students start with a 4-week session in Colorado at the beginning of the program, and end with a 4-week live session in Colorado that assures readiness for advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs), or rotations.

Upon completion of the live and online didactic curriculum, the experiential program continues with six, six-credit hour advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs), in the following practice areas:

  • 1 Community Pharmacy – Required
  • 2 Health-System Pharmacy* – Required – (Includes at least one inpatient general medicine patient care APPE)
  • 1 Ambulatory Care – Required
  • Elective One
  • Elective Two

Elective APPE rotations may be selected from a variety of medicine subspecialties, such as neurology, oncology, nutrition, infectious diseases, critical care, psychiatry and pediatrics, or other elective rotation choices such as pharmaceutical care projects, education, administration, industry, managed care and clinical research.

All APPE rotations are six weeks in length (or 240 hours) completed on a full-time basis, totaling 36 weeks or 1440 APPE rotation hours.

ITPD students must complete all required APPE rotations and at least one (1) elective APPE rotation in the United States (US) ITPD students do not have to complete the APPE rotations consecutively, so students have the option to come to the US for multiple shorter periods of time during the second live session. ITPD students have the opportunity to complete one (1) elective APPE rotation at an international rotation site. To be considered for this opportunity, the student will submit a request for review and approval. Students can locate more information about rotations within the Current Students​ section.

The program overview, including experiential courses, is provided here​.​​