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University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

As one of 67 UCEDDs, JFK Partners has a unique position to assist the state with facilitation of the flow of disability-related information between community and university. JFK Partners work with people with disabilities, members of their families, state and local government agencies, and community providers in projects that provide training, technical assistance, service, research, and information sharing, with a focus on building the capacity of communities. The national network of UCEDDs is authorized under Public Law 106-402 (The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 or "DD Act") and the core funding is administered by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD).

To implement their core functions of providing preservice preparation, services (including technical assistance, community education, and direct services), research, and information dissemination, JFK Partners leverages core funding to partner with other federal, state, and local resources.

Major Goals:

  • Interdisciplinary Pre-service Training. To provide family and person-centered, culturally competent, community-based, interdisciplinary pre-service training which addresses the critical values, knowledge and skills necessary to build inclusive communities for people with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Community Services - Continuing Education. To provide quality continuing education programs, at a range of levels from awareness to expert content, to interdisciplinary and discipline-based audiences which include family members and consumers.
  • Community Services - Exemplary Clinical Services. To provide exemplary diagnostic, treatment, and consultative services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Community Services - Community Collaboration. To provide consultation and technical assistance to and in conjunction with a range of community partners to include state and local agencies, providers, advocacy groups, and ad hoc issue-oriented collaborative groups.
  • Research. To carry out descriptive, epidemiological, clinical and health services research projects which contribute to the knowledge base regarding the health, and well-being and education of persons with developmental disabilities and their families.  
  • Dissemination. To ensure the timely dissemination of high quality information produced by JFK Partners' faculty through a variety of methods, including electronic, and in adapted formats as appropriate.

Funding Source:
Administration on Developmental Disabilities, Award #90-DD0632.