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Crisis Plan and Resource Guide

​Dear Families, Friends and Colleagues,

We want to draw your attention to this Resource Guide, Template for a Crisis Plan and Announcement of the opportunity to participate in a research trial of the utility of the plan.  The materials are available to you to download and use as you wish.  Please bring it to the attention of anyone whom you think might be interested.  If someone wishes to participate in the trial they may call the number on the flyer and leave their contact information.  They will receive a follow up call within a few days and the study explained to them in greater depth.  Whether or not they chose to join the trial the Resource Guide and Plan template is available.  We of course would welcome any feedback users have.  We hope to have the materials translated into Spanish soon.
This Resource Guide and plan template and trial is the product of work done by a succession of Medical and Graduate Students at CU over the past 6 years. The materials were recently updated consistent with the changes made to the Colorado Crisis Program, as it was revised July 2019. We hope you will find the materials useful and again welcome any feedback. On behalf of the team of students and faculty who have worked on this project beginning with the Gap Analysis regarding services for people Dually Diagnosed with an I/DD or Autism and Mental Health or Behavior disorder, we thank you for your interest.
Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry
JFK Partners, CU School of Medicine