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Welcome To The Medical Student Council Website!

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Welcome to the University of Colorado Medical Student Council (MSC) website. 

We've recently transitioned most of the information that used to be on this site to the MSC Canvas page which is accessible to current students only.

If you are a prospective student, feel free to poke around. If you have any questions or want to talk to a current student, you can either refer to the Admissions website or contact student leadership (i.e. MSC) directly with questions at

Thank you!

-MSC Exec

We meet every other Wednesday evening on campus throughout the school year. If you want to find out what happened at our last meeting, please look for the minutes on our Canvas page.

MSC April Transitions.pdf

Please see MSC Canvas page for current meeting minutes.

These are links that could prove very useful throughout your medical school career. Check them out!

University WebMail

Canvas - where all of your course information, grades, etc will now be stored.

UCDAccess Portal Login - Register for classes, manage financial aid awards, etc.

New Innovations - site for course evaluations, preceptor evaluations, etc. Remember, CUGME is the Institution

AMA FRIEDA - an online database of ACGME accredited residency programs

National Board of Medical Examiners - They help to write the USMLE exams (Step 1, Step 2). Those are kind of important.

Health Sciences Library - Check out their resource guides for research, MSAs

Wikspaces - helpful info, practice tests and advice from the classes that came before you. 

As a student body, we are responsible for holding ourselves accountable and behaving professionally and honorably. As you probably recall, our honor code states that we will not lie, cheat, steal or gain unfair advantage in our academic or clinical endeavors. We have linked our honor code and professionalism information for your reference below. 



Med Student White Book Policies.pdf