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Alpha Omega Alpha


Kathryn Kalata, Class of 2020; AOA President; Declan Grabb, Class of 2020; AOA Vice President; Dr. Tillman Farley, CU Department of Family Medicine; Associate Professor; Dr. James Beck, AOA Councilor / Professor and Vice Chair of Medicine, CU SOM; Hania Flaten, Class of 2019 AOA President; Tessa Harland, Class of 2019 AOA Vice President.

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), the National Honor Medical Society, was organized in 1902 by students at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Chicago for medical students who have excelled academically and have shown promise of beco
ming leaders in the profession. 

By the AOA constitution, the top 25 percent of each class is eligible for consideration, but only about two-thirds of these students, or one-sixth of the class, may be elected to membership. Scholastic achievement must be balanced by other personal qualities such as leadership, fairness, compassion, integrity and service.

Junior AOA is selected in the spring of the students' junior year. Honors points from the first and second year of medical school are considered. Senior AOA is selected in August/September of senior year, and honors points from the first, second and third year of medical school are considered. To be considered for AOA, students must sign a release before junior selection and submit a CV. 

Class of 2021 Junior Members​

  • Hannah Benjamin
  • Amber Fleck
  • Joseph Fuchs
  • Abigail Leibowitz
  • Eniola Ogundipe
  • Anne Strong 

 Class of 2020 Senior AOA Members

  • Davis Aasen
  • Samuel Carpentier
  • Abigail Cher
  • Priya Chopra
  • William Dewispelaere
  • Mackenzie Garcia
  • Derek George
  • Margaret Harrison
  • Timothy Kelly
  • Margaret Kreider Carlson
  • Vishnupriya Krishnan
  • Matthew Lippi
  • Roya Mirhossaini
  • Eric Montgomery
  • Jessica Smith
  • Molly Thayer
  • Catherine Waymel
  • Lindsay Welton
  • Zachary​ Wuthrich
  • Amy​ Young

Class of 2020 Junior AOA Members:
•  Oliver Bawmann
•  Deanna Claus
•  Declan Grabb
•  Kathryn Kalata
•  Daniele Marcy
•  Mallory Myers
•  Weston Ryan 

House Staff Elected in 2020:

  • Catherine Ard
  • Meryl Colton
  • Caitlin Rublee

Faculty Elected in 2020:

  • Jeffrey Druck
  • Vishnu Kulasekaran
  • Regina Richards