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Overview of LCME Accreditation

Message from Faculty Accreditation Lead

In 2014, as Faculty Accreditation Lead for LCME, I began to identify LCME vulnerabilities and areas of improvement in preparation for LCME accreditation. At the same time, we began planning for the launch of LCME Committees comprised of faculty, students and staff in September 2015. Faculty, student and staff engagement in the process will be key to a successful site visit.

Since the arrival of Dean John J. Reilly Jr, MD in April 2015, I have been working closely with him to ensure a successful project for LCME accreditation. Much has been accomplished to improve LCME compliance in preparation for our self review. Now that we are in our data collection year of 2015-2016, all SOM efforts count.

The site visit date of March 2017 may seem like a long time away, but we need to engage lots of departments, units, personnel, and students, with enough time to collect data, review it, identify gaps, and follow up on issues. A task force will be writing the final self study document and LCME Committees and LCME team members will be compiling the final Data Collection Instrument.

We look forward to your efforts in making our institution a better program for students and a better place to educate students for both faculty and staff. Thank you for all that you do and will do for a successful site visit.

Best regards,
Robert Anderson, MD
Faculty Accreditation Lead
Senior Associate Dean Education