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Urban Underserved Track

MD Program ApplicantsThe CU SOM curriculum is evolving! Content in the Urban Underserved Track will be incorporated into the core curriculum starting in 2020 (all students will get this content). As a result, there will be no new track applications accepted for the Urban Underserved and LEADS Tracks for medical students applying to start in 2020 and beyond. The Research, Rural and Global Health Tracks will continue to accept new cohorts each year.


To educate, support and encourage health professional students who are passionate about caring for diverse, urban, underserved populations and who share a commitment to eliminating health inequities.


  1. To educate students and empower them to be excellent clinicians for urban, underserved populations.

  2. To create a community of collaboration and support among students, faculty and graduates with a passion for the care of urban, underserved populations.

  3. To cultivate a diverse student and faculty community within the CU Medical Campus.

  4. To inspire a continued commitment to advocating for the urban-underserved through meaningful community engagement and service while working to eliminate health inequities.

Why choose the Urban Underserved Track?

If you are passionate about working with ethnically and racially diverse populations, serving the uninsured and those with limited access to health care in urban areas, then Urban Underserved Track (UUT) is for you. Students completing UUT will have a thorough understanding of healthcare disparities and inequities, the multifaceted role of the healthcare provider in urban communities, and knowledge about health issues of specific populations of patients in urban areas.