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Urban Underserved Track

Projects: See What Our Students Are Working On


 Project Titles


 Addressing Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality

African American women are almost three times more likely to die before their first birthday than infants born to women of other races. Previous research has shown that socioeconomic status and education do not fully account for the disparity. We are working with women in the community to understand the causes of this disparity and potential ways to address them through community-based participatory research.
Primary Student: Megan Kalata
Primary Mentor: Janet Meredith
Contributing Students: Arian Khorshid, MD; Heidi Yen, MD; Justin Thai, MD; Tarah Nelson, NP; Luis Escobedo, MD; Kathryn Kalata, MD

 Assessing Social Determinants of Health in the Emergency Department

We interviewed everyone without private insurance who came to the University ED with low-acuity complaints to determine if there were any social determinants of health that were potentially preventing them from receiving appropriate primary care services.
Primary Student: Lauren Winsauer
Primary Mentor: Dr. Roberta Capp

 Aurora Public School and Boys and Girls Clubs Initiatives

Pipeline programs for underserved youth / outreach to youth.
Primary Students: Hannah Levorson
                                Tim Im
Primary Mentor: Jamal Moloo, MD

 Comitis Center

Assist in developing a long term project with Comitis - Homeless program adjacent to medical campus.
Primary Mentor: Jamal Moloo, MD

 C-STAHR (Community and Students Together Against Healthcare Racism)

Students and the community to work together to understand perceived discrimination and design a feasible intervention to better equip future healthcare providers and community members to reduce its effects. We follow a strict Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) model, and the community members are involved at every level of decision making and action.
Primary Students: Amelia Bowman
Primary Mentor: Tillman Farley, MD
Secondary Mentor: Janet Meredith
Contributing Students: Danny Hecht, Jackie To, Ben Sacamano, Andy Hagar, Erica Martinez, Will Dufficy, Meryl Colton, Shayer Chowdry, Sai Radhakrishnan, Sri Radhakrishnan, Katie Raskob, MD

 Curriculum Development for the Urban Underserved Track: A Student-Driven Model

Long-term project to solicit student feedback about the track experience, design and implement improvements, and measure outcomes.
Primary Student: Arian Khorshid
Primary Mentors: Jamal Moloo, MD
                               Deb Seymour, PsyD
Secondary Mentor: Steve Lowenstein, MD, MPH
Contributing Students: Paul Eigenberger, MD; Nathan Fischer, MD; Kathleen Raskob, MD; Matthew Cataldo, MD; Shayer Chowdhury, MD

 CUSOM LGBT Health and Healthcare Elective

Our goals are to fill the large gap in medical education on LGBT-related topics. The elective aims to foster development of basic knowledge and skills needed to provide cultural responsive and clinically competent care. Sessions include a mix of didactics, standard patient encounters, and patient panels. Our first elective was piloted in Spring 2016 and was a huge success! Phase I and II MD and PA students are welcome to take the elective in the Fall. We are always looking for more students to get involved with our project - join us!
Primary Student: Erica Martinez
Primary Mentor: Rita Lee, MD
Contributing Students: Louis Leslie, MD; Matt Minturn, MD

 DAWN Clinic Evaluation Plan

I am working with the DAWN clinic research group to create an evaluation plan for the clinic hopefully looking at metrics like chronic disease management and cost-benefit analyses.
Primary Student: Caitlin Heim
Primary Mentor: Kari Mader, MD
Secondary Mentor: Dr. Whitney Jones

 Denver Meadows Park Housing Insecurity

A trailer home park exists immediately to the East of our campus wedged between us and I-225. Residents are at high risk of being displaced for redevelopment as a "transit oriented" development. In conjunction with the School of Public Health, we are developing a project to monitor health and housing insecurity issues.
Primary Mentor: Virginia Visconti
Secondary Mentor: Jamal Moloo, MD

 Efficacy of Health Insurance Education Workshops for the Vietnamese Community

Set up an education workshop for the non-English speaking Vietnamese community on the intracacies of healthcare in the United States.
Primary Student: Quy Tran
Primary Mentor: Rita Lee, MD

 Kenton Kares

Assessing healthcare needs of Kenton Elementary school with a large population of students born to refugee parents.
Primary Student: Robin Harland
Primary Mentor: Mandy Allison, MD
Secondary Mentor: Ryan Kammeyer, MD
Contributing Students: Megan Kalata, MD; Reade Tillman, MD

 LIC LGBTQ Curriculum Development

I am working with Dr. Jen Adams, Dr. Liz Kvach, and Kim Powell, NP to design a didactic curriculum for the Denver Health LIC students around LGBTQ health issues and we are developing tools to evaluate and present the curriculum.
Primary Student: Caitlin Felder-Heim
Primary Mentor: Jennifer Adams, MD
Secondary Mentors: Liz Kvach, MD
                                    Kim Powell, NP

 Poverty Immersion in Colorado Springs (PICOS)

In this two-day immersion, participants learn of the challenges faced by resource-limited people through poverty-simulations both in the classroom and in the community. Participants interact with this resource limited-population and local organizations that provide resources to people experiencing poverty.
Primary Student: Matt Cataldo
Primary Mentor: Erik Wallace, MD, FACP
Contributing Student: Kathleen Raskob, MD

 "Socioeconomic Barriers To The Access Of Surgical Care And Screening Of Early Stage Surgical Diseases And The Resulting Cost Of Healthcare In A Neighborhood With Known Economic And Healthcare Disparities.

Identify economic barriers to accessing surgical specialty care in a neighborhood with known disparities (Park Hill, Denver) and create a cost-utility model for screening for early surgical disease (i.e. colon cancer, AAA, CAD) to prevent presentation of late, emergent disease.
Primary Student: Billy Tran

 Stout Street Partnership

Assist in developing a long term project with Stout Street - Homeless Program in Denver.
Primary Mentor: Jamal Moloo MD

 UUT Community Scholar

Most programs work in partnership with underserved communities but are not a true part of the targeted community. We are in the early stages of developing the UUT Community Scholar Program - a few students within the UUT would live within an underserved community for the duration of their education at CU and allow our Track to develop closer long term partnerships with an underserved community. If you would be interested in participating as one of the members please consider assisting with this initiative.
Primary Mentor: Jamal Moloo MD

 Watching TV in Low-Income Mexican American Families

Examine habits of preschool age children related to TV watching (eating, sleep, etc) and obesity via maternal survey.
Primary Student: Sarah Cebron Snow

 Youth Community Health Awareness Partnership

We are working in an equal partnership with refugee youth from Burma to increase awareness of alcohol abuse and decrease risky drinking behaviors.
Primary Student: Janine Hoerauf
Primary Mentor: Janet Meredith
Secondary Mentor: Jamal Moloo, MD
Contributing Students: Abhinav Gupta, MD; Alida Ovrutsky, MD; Tori Holtestaul, MD; Chelsea Walters, MD; Tuan Nguyen, MD; Jess Coulter, MD