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Urban Underserved Track



Applications to the UUT are reviewed by the UUT Director and individuals are interviewed by phone or in person. The primary criteria for selection into the UUT include: Evidence of a commitment to serving underserved populations and diversity of prior life experiences. If your choice of medical, PA, NP school is dependent on acceptance into the UUT, please contact Dr. Moloo, Track Director.

How do I apply?

MD Program Applicants:

Ideally, students should apply to the UUT as part of the secondary application to the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Please note, the decision to admit a student to the medical school is made independently and applying to the UUT (or another track) has no bearing on admission to the medical school. Students who did not apply to the UUT as part of the secondary application may apply to the UUT (or another track) after matriculating through the “common track application process.”

If you are a MD applicant with questions about the Urban Underserved Track, please email track director Jamal Moloo at or the Track Coordinator at or call 303-724-4748.

Nurse Practitioner Program Applicants:

For Nurse Practitioner Applicants ONLY: Download this application​​

Submission instructions are included on the document. Please remember to include your Resume/CV when submitting your application.

Questions? Concerns? Please contact the College of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Program Faculty Advisor directly by e-mail:

Jane Kass-Wolff, PhD, RN, FNP-BC
Phone: 303-724-8531

Or track coordinator at:

Physician Assistant (CHA/PA) Program Applicants:

Students accepted into the CHA/PA program will be notified when applications open by PA program around the month of August.

Please contact the CHA/PA Program Faculty Advisor directly by e-mail:

Claudia Luna-Asturias, LSCW
Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics, CHA/PA Program
Phone: 303-724-1333