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Research Track Syllabus & Expectations

Research Track Overall
Phase I
  • An individualized Research Plan which will be created and monitored by the student in collaboration with a primary research mentor.
  • Students are expected to spend a minimum of ½ day per week (generally Wednesday afternoons) through the remainder of Phase I and for August through January of Phase II.

Summer Between Phase I and during Phase II

  • Students will spend eight weeks in a full time summer research experience between Phases I and II. Students will receive a stipend of $4400 ($2200 on July 1 and $2200 on July 31).
  • Students will attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Research Track Program. These meetings will be held from 1:00-3:00 pm. Topics will include presentations by other students in the program and discussion of issues in Research Ethics.
              • Students will present to peers in the program: In oral presentation format (10-15 minutes) at the Research Track meetings.
  • Students will present at the annual campus Student Research Forum - December of phase II.
  • Students will present to a national group of peers: In oral or poster format (5 minutes) at the annual Western Medical Student Research Forum, held in Carmel, California—January of Phase II (students will receive a stipend to help support travel and registration to the meeting)
  • To a local group of faculty: format will vary depending on student's mentor's departmental affiliation.

Phase III

  • Students will act as a judge for the other student's research presentations at the annual campus Student Research Forum held in December.

Phase IV 

  • Students have the option of spending up to 12 weeks in a full time research experience during Phase IV. It is recommended that at least the first eight weeks should be completed before Dec 1 of Phase IV. Students will receive a stipend of $4400 ($2200 per month).
  • Students will present to a national audience; students are expected to submit an abstract to a national meeting. Presentation format will vary.
  • A primary requirement for all Research Track participants is the submission of a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal for possible publication. The draft manuscript should be submitted Dec 1st and the final manuscript submission must be submitted by February 1st of Phase IV.
  • Completion of the Research Track requirements fulfills the Mentored Scholarly Activity requirement of the School of Medicine.