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Class of 2017 Projects

Student  Mentor Department Title of Project
Alyssa Blood Kim Heidenreich, PhD Pharmacology Assessing biomarkers as clinical tools for diagnosis and management of TBI
Serhiy Chumachenko Joseph Sakai, MD Psychiatry Default Mode network in adolescents with conduct and substance use disorders
Justin Greene John Arcaroli, PhD Oncology Evaluation of 19-Phe-DMAG (HSP90 inhibitor) in a preclinical pancreas cancer model
Sean Kalra Brendan Clark, MD Pulmonary  Comparing AUDIT and AUDIT-C for detection of alcohol misuse in MICU patients
Jaren LaGreca Sum​eet Garg, MD Orthopaedic Utility of Intraoperative Neurologic Monitoring during VEPTR Expansion Surgery
Nicole Look Frank Chang, MD Orthopaedic The effect of foot alignment and flexibility on ankle push-off power in children with cerebral palsy
Mia McNulty Karen King, PhD Orthopaedic Osteoarthritis in type 2 diabetic KKAy mice
Julio Montejano Natalie Serkova, PhD Anesthesiology Imaging of inflammation by non-invasive quantitative T2-MRI using iron oxide nanoparticles
Douglas Rooke Wells Messersmith, MD Oncology The evaluation of Neoamphimedine and Derivaties as Anti-Cell Proliferating Agent
Roland Rosello Jody Tanabe, MD Department of Radiology FIRST Analysis of Subcortical Morphometry in Abstinent Substance Dependent Populations and Controls
Michael Ziemke Stephen Malkoski, MD, PhD Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Determining the relationship between Smad4 expression in NSCLC patients and their level of clinical response to certain chemotherapy treatments