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Class 2016 Projects

Student  Mentor Department Title of Project
Justin Lee Natalie Serkova, PhD Anesthesiology Metabolic response to targeted treatment in pancreatic cancer
Jason Williams Paul Wischmeyer, MD Anesthesiology Optimizing peri-operative nutritional status with immunonutrition and improving clinical and economic outcomes in gastrointestinal oncology surgery: A barrier assessment and quality improvement project.
Santiago Dennis, Roop, PhD Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology Exploring the use of apoptotic cells to accelerate the growth of patient-specific keratinocytes for the treatment of severe burns
Joel Tourtelloutt Laurel Lenz, PhD Immunology The role of a LysM+ protein of Streptococcus pneumonia during infection
Kristen Beck Kevin Deane, MD Medicine Pathogenesis and predicition of rheumatoid arthritis
Ryan D'Souza Matthew Taylor, PhD, MD Medicine Role of Laminopathies in progression of dilatedcardiomyopathy
Hamza Pasha Robert Eckel, MD Medicine The roll of AgRP on Metabolism in the brian
Samantha Tarshis David Irwin, PhD Medicine Repurposing antiangiogenic drugs to trat hypobaric hypoxia and resulting vascular permeability, vasogenic edema, and HACE
Thad Vickery Sean Colgan, PhD Medicine IL-10 Signaling in intestinal Mucosa
Rebecca Tran Brian Berman, MD Neurology Functional and PET imaging of GABAergic function in primary focal dyystonia
Michael Jarrett Kian Behbakht, MD OB/GYN Pharmacologic reversal of TRAIL Resistant Phenotype in Ovarian Cancers
Joseph Adewumi Joseph Brzezinski Ophthalmology Characterization of Prdm Gene Family Members in Retinal
Jose Diego Mark Petrash, PhD Ophthomolgy Inhibition of Posterior Capsular Opacification
Brian Davis Karin Payne Orthopaedics Revitalization of a bone allograft with stem cells for bone tissue engineering
Emily Johnson Frank Accurso Pediatrics Molecular Detection and Identification of Staphylococcus aureus in airway samples from Children with lung disease
Alex Metoxen Steven Abman, MD Pediatrics Role of Angiogenic Growth Factor Interactions in Chronic Lung Disease of Premature Infants
Timothy Newton Douglas Graham, PhD, MD Pediatrics Epigenetic reprogramming in ALL, and Trgeting Mer and Axl in NSCLC
June Ng Rajeev Vibhakar, PhD, MD Pediatrics Investigating the efficiency of MPS1 inhibition in medulloblastoma
Dan Nguyen David Wagner, PhD Pharmacy Controlling auto-aggressive T-Cells in type 1 diabetes
Tyler Anderson Christian Hopfer, MD Psychiatry Resting Heart rates in Adolescents with Substance Use and Conduct Disorders
Peter Boulos Joseph Sakai, MD Psychiatry Brain Imaging: Adolescents With Substance and Conduct Problems
Kevin Krughoff David Crawford, MD Urologic Oncology Efficient biopsy for nerve sparing local prostate cancer treatment