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Class of 2013 Projects

Student  Mentor Department Title of Project
Keith Baker David Arciniegas, MD Psychology Scholars Potential outcome measures for Parkinson's disease dementia: a systematic review
Juri Boguniewicz Cara Mack, MD Pediatrics Bile duct epithelial protein targets of serum autoantibodies in human biliary atresia
Karen Christopher Mark Petrash, PhD Ophthalmology Small heat shock protein nanoparticles for cataract treatment
Ryan Farmer Evalina Burger and   Vikas Patel, MD Orthopaedics Evaluation of the cell adhesion and proliferation capabilities of various orthopedic materials
David Higgins Paul Wischmeyer, MD Anesthesiology Role of Vitamin D Deficiency on Infection and Outcome in Critical Illness
Mara Kelly Michael Zimmerman Surgery The influence of anti-thymocyte globulin on hepatitis C recurrence in orthotopic liver transplantation
Rosemary Reidy Randy Ross, MD Psychology Scholars Theory of Mind Development is Impaired in 4-year-old Children with Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Tobacco Smoking
Zachery Robinson Glenn Furuta, MD Pediatrics Esophageal Defensin Expression in Pediatric Patients
Andrea Smith Jennifer Leiferman Psychology Scholars Psychosocial Mediators to Physical Activity During the Perinatal Period: A Review of the Literature
Vadim Tsvankin Allan Waziri,  Neurology Comparative invasive neuromonitoring in a pig model of brain injury