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Research Track Class of 2012

Student Projects, Class of 2012

Student  Mentor Department Title of Project
Sara Brady Michael Allen, MD Pysch Scholars Cannabis and Psychosis: The Implications for Mental Condition Criminal Defenses
Benjamin Burns Willia Proctor Pysch Scholars Effect of Tobacco Smoke on Learned Alcohol Consumption in C57/BL6 Mice
Amy Cacace Thomas Beresford, MD Pysch Scholars Psychological Adaptive Mechanism Maturity and Anxiety Control in Cancer Patients
Katrina Crader John Repine, MD Medicine
Development of Frequency Comb Spectroscopy for Early Detection and Monitoring of Trace Molecules in the Breath of Patients With and Developing Acute Lung Injury
Anthony Edwards Paul Wischmeyer, MD Anesthesiology
Nutrition Therapy to Improve Outcomes from Surgery and Critical Illness
Alexis Franks Jill Slansky, PhD Immunology
Understanding the T cell response to self-turmor antigens
Sabreena Gillow Sharon Hunter, PhD Pysch Scholars Are Defects in Sensory Gating a Reliable Indicator of the Risk of Schizophrenia?
Matthew Light Stephen Davies, PhD Neurology
Novel Central Nervous System Repair Strategies
Jennifer Lillemon Robert Feinstein, MD Pysch Scholars Reducing Medical Student Burnout Utilizing Web-Based Interventions
Megan Nelson Jennifer Hagman-Hazell Pysch Scholars  
Patricia Teschke Cathy Adams Pysch Scholars Decreased Alpha7 Receptor Expression May Contribute to Schizophrenia-Associated Immune Dysregulation
Greg Zablocki Mark Petrash, PhD Vision Grant
Mechanisms of diabetic eye disease