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Efficacy of Gabapentin for Pediatric Plastic Surgical ProceduresSurgeryAaron Mason, MD
Lung Vascular Development and Neonatal Pulmonary HypertensionPediatricsAbman, Steven H.
Outcomes of Non-Operative Treatment For Stable OCD Lesions Among Pediatric and Adolescent PatientsOrthopedicsAlbright, Jay
Biomarkers (clinical and laboratory) in diagnosis and evaluating treatment responses in multiple sclerosis and related conditionsNeurologyAlvarez, Enrique and Developmental NeuroscienceAnthony, Bruno, Karsten
The Behbakht lab focuses on clinical, translational, and basic science approaches to finding novel treatments for ovarian cancer.Cancer CenterBehbakht, Kian
Characterizing the Mechanism of a Lupus-Protective Single-Nucleotide PolymorphismMedicineBoackle, Susan
Integrative Omics of COPDMedicineBowler, Russell
Gene-UV interactions in clinical presentation of melanomaCancer CenterBox, Neil
"Double-blind Trial of Phosphatidylcholine Supplementation during Pregnancy: Impact on Attention and Social Withdrawal at 4 years of Age"Obstetrics and GynecologyCamille Hoffman
Our overarching goal at CellSight is to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms regulating human eye development and disease, and building upon this knowledge, to establish novel stem cell-based therapeutics to treat ocular diseases.OphthalmologyCanto-Soler, Valeria
Pharmacoepidemiology of adverse drug reactions in the rheumatic diseasesMedicineCaplan, Liron
Clinical outcomes and health services research for the rheumatic diseasesMedicineCaplan, Liron
mTOR Inhibitors in Transplantation and CancerAnesthesiologyChristians, Uwe
Mechanisms of brain metastatic colonization in breast cancerCancer Center, PathologyCittelly, Diana, Nathan
Mucosal inflammation mechanismsMedicineColgan, Sean
Identifying and validating aggressive prostate cancer disease driversCancer CenterCostello, James
The overall goal of our research is to understand the control of cerebral blood flow in physiological and small vessels disease conditions, with a special interest in the interaction between neural activity and the microvasculatureAnesthesiologyDabertrand, Fabrice
Pharmacoepidemiology and patient-centered outcomesMedicineDavis, Lisa
Variables that affect soft tissue balancing in total knee replacementOrthopedicsDayton, Michael
Strategy for the Prevention of Clinically-Apparent Rheumatoid Arthritis (StopRA)MedicineDeane, Kevin
Health Fair Identification of Undiagnosed Rheumatoid ArthritisMedicineDeane, Kevin
Mucosal generation of autoimmunity in rheumatoid arthritisMedicineDemoruelle, Kristen
Determining the Originating Site of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Is It the Lung?MedicineDemoruelle, Kristen
Implementation of Molecular Based Diagnositcs for Gastrointesintal Pathogens in Pedaitric PatientsPediatricsDominguez, Sam
Defining the mechanism of arthritis amelioration by pregnancyMedicineDragone, Leonard
High Resolution Imaging of Lipids in the BrainMedicineEckel, Robert
Our research has been directed towards identifying cellular adaptive mechanisms during hypoxic conditions such as myocardial ischemia – one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwideAnesthesiologyEckle, Tobias
The anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer roles/mechanisms of interleukin-37 and its receptors.Cancer CenterEisenmesser, Elan
Gene expression control in cancer and trisomy 21Cancer CenterEspinosa, Joaquin, Ana
The Human Microbiome in Health and DiseaseMedicineFrank, Daniel
Research focus on spinal deformity in childrenCancer Center, OrthopedicsGarg, Sumeet
Genetic determinant of idiopathic scoliosisCancer CenterHadley-Miller, Nancy
Thyroid Cancer Signaling, Pharmacogenomics, and Tumor ImmunologyCancer CenterHaugen, Bryan
Our laboratory uses several animal models of brain injury to model ischemic stroke, global cerebral ischemia and traumatic brain injury with a focus on long-term functional outcomes.AnesthesiologyHerson, Paco
Generation of isogenic human model system using pluripotent stem cell technology in conjugation with genome editing to investigate critical aspects of autoimmune diabetesBarbara Davis CenterHolger Russ
The Huang laboratory studies transplantation immunology with a focus on developing clinically relevant protocols for the establishment of transplantation toleranceSurgeryHuang, Christene
The impact of lateral ankle ligament injury and repair on tibiotalar joint mechanicsOrthopedicsHunt, Kenneth
Gasotransmitter signaling in reproductive physiologyObstetrics and GynecologyHurt, Joseph
The contribution of cell free hemoglobin in the progression of pulmonary vascular remodelingCancer CenterIrwin, David
Elucidating the effects of secreted mucins on breast cancer biologyCancer Center, MedicineJacobsen, Britta
Disease prevention with vaccines and mucosal immunityMedicineJanoff, Edward
Clinical impact of cancer stem cell presence and signaling in head and neck squamous cell cancerCancer Center, MedicineJimeno, Antonio
Speed TrialCancer Center, RadiologyJohnson, D Thor
Neural Correlates of Emotion Regulation in Young Adults at Risk for AlcoholismRadiologyJoshua Gowin
Role of EphB4 of radiosensitization of head and neck cancerCancer CenterKaram, Sara
Evaluation of a chondroprotective agent to prevent post-traumatic osteoarthritis in a skeletally immature animal model.Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology CenterKarin Payne
Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSRP)SurgeryKathleen Tuthill
Tissue regenerationSurgeryKenneth W. Liechty
Biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in patients with kidney diseasesAnesthesiologyKlawitter, Jalena
Influence of the microbiota on the development of systemic autoimmunityMedicineKuhn, Kristine
Imaging the tumor microenvironment during radiation, vascular-targeted, and molecular therapyCancer Center, Radiation OncologyLanning, Ryan
Stress effect on health and agingCancer Center, Psychiatry and Developmental NeuroscienceLaudenslager, Mark
DNA methylation of microRNA and its application as a biomarker for head and neck cancerCancer Center, Otolaryngology, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology CenterLu, Shi-Long
Understanding pathogenesis in CBS deficient homocystinuriaPediatricsMaclean, Ken
Varicella virus latency and ReactivationNeurologyMahalingam, Ravi
Femoral nerve catheter with single injection sciatic nerve block compared to femoral nerve catheter alone for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the pediatric population AnesthesiologyMandler, Tessa
Immunobiology of melanomaDermatologyMayumi Fujita, MD, PhD
Dr. Messersmith’s lab is mainly focused on using a personalized approach in developing new anticancer drugs for GI cancersCancer CenterMessersmith, Wells
Avenues of Allogeneic TransplantationPediatricsMichael Verneris
An Investigation of Sleep and Brain Activity among Adolescents with and without Generalized Anxiety DisorderPsychiatry and Developmental NeuroscienceMullin, Ben
Small heat shock proteins in fibrosis of eye tissuesOphthalmologyNagaraj, Ram
Dr. Nagel specializes in neurovirology and studies how varicella zoster virus (VZV), which causes chicken pox and shingles, causes stroke.NeurologyNagel, Maria
Advanced Neuroimaging on Inflammatory Microenvironment in Pediatric Brain TumorsRadiologyNatalie Serkova, PhD
Tribal Early Childhood Research CenterPsychiatry and Developmental NeuroscienceNovins, Doug
Intraocular Device DevelopmentOphthalmologyOlson, Jeff
Bone regeneration with stem cell-based therapiesOrthopedics, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology CenterPayne, Karin
The main goal of our research is to identify the neural circuits controlling learned behaviors, primarily those controlling drug seeking and fear.AnesthesiologyPeters, Jamie
Prevention of cataractsOphthalmology, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology CenterPetrash, Mark
Evaluation of targeted therapies in GI cancersCancer Center, MedicinePitts, Todd
Virus-induced Immune Dysregulation in HPV-associated Head and Neck CancerCancer CenterPyeon, Dohun
The Quillinan laboratory studies excitability and plasticity changes in the brain following cerebral ischemia. We are particularly interested in cerebellar networks that are affected by stroke and cardiac arrestAnesthesiologyQuillinan, Nidia
Developing a murine model of fetal growth restriction using optogeneticsObstetrics and GynecologyRamón Lorca
Attenuation of Spinal Cord Injury in Patients undergoing Complex Aortic InterventionSurgeryReece, Brett
MRI technologies to noninvasively assess vascular and cardiac disease and response to treatment in youth and adults with obesity and diabetesPediatricsReusch, Jane
The role of androgen receptor in breast cancerCancer Center, PathologyRicher, Jennifer
Complications of intrauterine growth restrictionPediatricsRozance, Paul
Nutrient coordination of pancreatic vasculature and beta-cellsPediatricsRozance, Paul
Various projects on anticoagulation in cancerObstetrics and GynecologySaketh Guntupalli
Female obesity and reproductionObstetrics and GynecologySantoro, Nanette
Hormone regulated breast cancer stem cellsCancer Center, PathologySartorius, Carol
Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Pulmonary FibrosisMedicineSchwartz, David
Targeting kinase dependencies in thyroid cancerCancer Center, MedicineSchweppe, Rebecca and Developmental NeuroscienceStoddard, Joel
Mechanisms of impaired fetoplacental aniogenesis in fetal growth restrictionObstetrics and GynecologySu, Emily
Denver Public School Asthma ProgramPediatricsSzefler, Stanley
Project CLIMB: Integrated behavioral health services in pediatric primary carePsychiatry and Developmental NeuroscienceTalmi, Ayelet
The role of T-type (low-voltage-activated, LVA) calcium channels in the molecular mechanisms of anesthesia and analgesia.AnesthesiologyTodorovic, Slobodan
How to Perform a Female Pelvic Pain ExaminationObstetrics and GynecologyTyler Muffly
Mystery Caller Study Evaluating Patient Access for Benign Gynecologic ConditionsObstetrics and GynecologyTyler Muffly, MD
Nomogram to predict matching into female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeryObstetrics and GynecologyTyler Muffly, MD
Testing of the myProlapse mobile app with Post-hysterectomy ProlapseObstetrics and GynecologyTyler Muffly, MD
Missing data: the impact of what isn't thereObstetrics and GynecologyTyler Muffly, MD
Mobile App Effectiveness in Explaining EnteroceleObstetrics and GynecologyTyler Muffly, MD
My research focuses on genetic mechanisms by which normal brain cells become cancerous and how these genetic differences can be used to better diagnose and treat children with brain tumors.Cancer CenterVibhakar, Rajeev
Defining and controlling pathogenic T cells in autoimmunityMedicineWagner, David