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Evidence Based Medicine & Medical Informatics


This curriculum is structured as a “thread” and is integrated in all four Phases, as is appropriate for the students’ developmental phase. The curriculum's main focus is on evidence-based medicine. Medical informatics, as directed by this thread, mainly concentrates on the use of clinical information systems and information resources.

Evidence-Based Medicine Goals (PDF with objectives​)

  • Understand basic concepts of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and how EBM facilitates optimal patient care.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how clinical research studies are designed and analyzed, and how this can influence whether a study’s conclusions are valid.
  • "Develop competence in the critical appraisal of common types of clinical research papers and the determination
  • of whether the papers have drawn valid and applicable conclusions."
  • Develop competence in communicating scientific evidence to colleagues.
  • Develop competence in communicating risk and benefit of health interventions to patients.
  • Recognize the role played by physicians in population health.