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MSA Thematic Areas

To best support students, we have defined five thematic areas of scholarship. These thematic areas are not meant to be restrictive in any way; for example, an appropriate project might bridge two or more thematic areas, or might not clearly fall under any of the thematic areas.

Basic Biomedical Science – Fundamental scientific discovery through laboratory research

Bioethics, Humanities, Arts and Education – The human side of medicine including ethics, law, medical anthropology and sociology, psychology, literature, art, history, and education​

Clinical Science – Patient centered research including but not limited to clinical investigation and trials, translational research, behavioral research, and drug development

Global Health – Understanding and applying public health and clinical decision making in low resource settings with vulnerable populations (please note special requirements for travel abroad)​

Public Health & Epidemiology – Populations as patients, international health, rural health, occupational and environmental health, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, health services research and health policy