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FAQ for Students

How much time should I be spending on my project?
How to Be Mentored Well
What is scholarly activity?
Why is it important for a physician to be a scholar?
How does the Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA) Block help students become scholars?
How does the program work?
When will I work on my project?
How do I choose a mentor and project?
How much time will a project take?
What if I finish my project early?
What do I need to do for the capstone presentation?
Can I change projects or mentors in midstream?
Are there different ways to complete the MSA requirement?
How does my Associate Director keep track of my progress?
Can I do a team project?
What if I have a problem with my mentor or Associate Director?
Is funding available for a project?
Do I need to obtain approval for projects involving human subjects, animals or biohazards?