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Assessment of your Progress

Assessment of your progress is accomplished in a manner that is congruent with the goals of the curriculum. The FDC uses a broad array of methods appropriate to assess all competencies fairly. Your preceptor will evaluate you at the end of each semester.  Attendance and active participation is required for all sessions and all assignments mut be completed. 

Physical exam and communication skills assessment will take place during phases I and II at the Center for Advancing professional Excellence (CAPE). This type of evaluation has taken on more importance in medical education as you will be required to take a similar style exam during part II of the National Boards. In addition, Blocks will integrate Foundations content into their exams (e.g. physical exam knowledge in the Human Body Block). As in other courses, FDC assessment material (including case content) is confidential and revealing this information to peers will be considered an honor code violation. FDC is a Pass/Fail course.​