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Preceptor/ Teacher Resources


For those interested in becoming a preceptor through the Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum:

Thank you for your interest the clinical preceptorship program! This program provides medical students the opportunity to practice physical exam and communication skills in a true clinical setting under the guidance of a practicing physician. For first and second year medical students, this is the primary clinical exposure that they will have until starting their third year clerkships. This early clinical exposure is absolutely crucial to a student’s professional development. It allows them to apply some of the basic science knowledge they are acquiring in the classroom, helps them to feel comfortable interacting with patients, but most importantly provides them with the opportunity to gain exposure to a practicing physician who can serve as a role model and mentor in their training. Students often report that the preceptorship experience is one of the most important and impactful learning opportunities during their medical school years.We hope you can join us as a clinical preceptor!

As a preceptor, you will work with your medical student approximately 2-3 half-days per month in your place of practice. Students will schedule their visits around your clinical availability. You are asked to help your student develop individual learning goals and you will complete an evaluation of your student each semester. For more information, please see our full preceptor guide​​.

If you are interested in signing up to be a clinical preceptor through the Foundations of Doctoring program, please fill out a faculty profile form​.  Thank you for your interest!


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