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Nervous System Block


This 9-week course in the Fall semester covers the gross and microscopic anatomy of the nervous system, basic neurobiology and neurophysiology, pharmacology, neuropathology, and basic neurologic and psychiatric examination skills. Emphasis is on​ the relationship between basic processes and functional systems to clinical phenomena and behavior.

Block Directors:
Tom French, PhD
Steven Ojemann, MD

Rachelle Kelchlin​ (303-724-2069)

Course Goals (PDF with Objectives​)
  • Understand the functional anatomy and physiology of the nervous system and their relation to therapeutic interventions.

  • Understand the components of the neurologic exam, and demonstrate proficiency in performing a neurologic exam.

  • Be able to identify the constellation of deficits that result from a lesion in the nervous system at the following loci: muscle, neuromuscular junction, spinal cord, brainstem, basal ganglia, cerebellum, cortex.

  • Understand the major pathologic conditions that afflict the nervous system and recognize the basic principles of diagnosis and treatment for these disorders.

  • Recognize the relationship between the structure of the nervous system and behavior.

  • Understand the difference between behavioral neurology and psychiatry and recognize the different methods employed by each in the evaluation of behavioral disorders.

  • Understand the dynamics of synaptic plasticity, and how changing structure leads to changes in behavior.

  • Understand the overlap and differences between physical, pharmacologic, and behavioral manipulation of the nervous system.