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Disease and Defense Block

This 10 week course in the Spring semester covers principles of biometrics, pharmacology, pathology, and infectious disease. Topics include mechanisms of tissue damage and repair. Dermatology is presented as an “Organ System,” including structural and function, pathology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology.

Block Directors:
Nicole Draper, MD
Bruce McCollister, MD

Carolina Jensen​ (303-724-2070)

Course Goals (PDF with Objectives​)
  • Acquire knowledge of the principles of pharmacology (including prescription writing and drug evaluation, adverse drug reactions and poisoning, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics) for comprehension of the use of anti‐infective, antineoplastic, and anti‐inflammatory agents.

  • Acquire knowledge of the principles of microbiology as a basis for comprehension and application to the study of infectious diseases.

  • Acquire knowledge of the foundational concepts regarding the pathologic basis of disease for comprehension of major categories of general pathology (infection, inflammation, and neoplasia) and as a basis for application to the study of systemic pathology and the diseases of organ systems.

  • Acquire knowledge of the foundational principles underlying the practice of dermatology (including conceptual understanding of the normal structure, histology, physiology, and function of the skin; and the performance of a thorough skin exam).

  • Apply the basic principles learned from microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and dermatology to the study of infections, inflammatory, and neoplastic skin diseases.​