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Phase IV Electives

​Phase IV Elective Resou​rces


Phase IV Elective Requirem​ents​

​32 total weeks of 8000 level course work
  • 4 weeks in one of the school-approved Acting Internships.
  • 4 weeks of required Integrated Clinicians Courses.
  • 24 weeks of additional rotations.










Absence Policy

***Please refer to Student Policies and Procedures***



  • Attendance on clinical rotations is required. Absences are generally not permitted, but unique circumstance may be considered.
  • Specific Attendance Expectations:
    - 4-wk courses: > 2 days, must make up work.
    - 2-wk electives: > 1 day, must make up work.
  • Absences exceeding these limits for any reason requires a student to make up any missed time beyond that allowed. The Course Director will work with the student regarding make-up time/work, issues for credit, etc.
  • Interview days (including interview days for CU residency program) are considered “voluntary absences” and count towards the attendance limits. 

Add/Drop Policy

***Please refer to Student Policies and Procedures***



  • A student is considered enrolled 28 days prior to the start of a course. Once a student is enrolled in a course, he or she must complete it.
  • Leaving a course after being enrolled may result in a permanent grade of “W” (e.g., withdraw) on the transcript.  In extreme circumstances, the Director of Electives or Sub-Internships may allow a student to “drop” the course without a withdrawal being noted on the transcript. In order to drop a course within the 28-day window, the student must contact the Director of Electives or Sub-Internships (not the Course Director) with a specific rationale for why they are dropping the course late.  It is at the discretion of the Director of Electives or Sub-Internships whether the student’s request will be approved.
  • Students may add courses within the 28-day window only if there is space available.  Students should submit requests to Director of Electives or Sub-Internships for approval.