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6-Week Clinical Experience

The 6-week Infant, Child and Adolescent Care Clerkship (ICAC) will provide clinical and educational experiences to allow students to achieve defined competencies in the medical care of children, ranging in age from newborn to adolescence. All students will have experiences in newborn, outpatient and inpatient/urgent care settings. They will be exposed to well child care and development, acute care and the management of hospitalized patients and those with chronic diseases.

Core Clinical Conditions

ICA​C Goals (PDF with objectives)​

  • Gather a history and perform a complete physical exam on a pediatric patient.
  • Develop a prioritized differential diagnosis and select a working diagnosis following a patient encounter.
  • Recommend and interpret common diagnostic tests.
  • Provide complete, well-organized documentation of a clinical encounter.
  • Provide a complete, well-organized oral presentation of a pediatric patient.
  • Recognize a pediatric patient requiring urgent or emergent care and seek help appropriately.
  • Communicate and interact effectively with patients, families, and other health care providers.
  • Demonstrate professionalism by showing compassion, integrity and respect for others, responsiveness to patient needs and accountability to course requirements.
  • Demonstrate the medical knowledge necessary to care for common pediatric conditions.