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Phase IV Requirements

Course​ Requirements

Medical students must complete a total of 32 weeks of senior (8000 level) course/ rotations, including at least one Acting Internship, 24 weeks* of Electives​, and 4 weeks of the required Integrated Clinician Courses​ (ICC 4 & ICC 5). 

* for class of 2021, only 20 weeks of electives are required due to COVID-19 pandemic.


  • An Acting Internship, as defined by each site, is at a minimum, a four-week course at the 8000 level with the following responsibilities, as defined by the Acting Internship Committee:
    - Inpatient care
    - Primary patient care
    - Primary call


Phase IV students are encouraged to take some of their rotations, including acting internships, outside of Colorado to widen their professional experience. These “away” rotations should be a minimum four weeks long. Phase IV students may take a maximum 16 weeks of coursework outside Colorado. Students may petition the Student Promotions Committee for additional time away from Colorado. There is no limit on the number of AHEC rotations taken in Colorado or Wyoming except as limited by availability.

Students are also required to sit for USMLE Step 2, Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills exams by November 1st of the year prior to their planned graduation. Students requesting a delay in sitting for these exams due to extraordinary need may request a postponement from an Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. An Assistant Dean for Student Affairs may grant a delay up to December 31st. After that, the student’s failure to sit for the exams is reported to the Student Promotions Committee and the student may not take additional rotations until the exams have been completed.​