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Phase IV

Acting-Internships Overvi​ew

Acting-Internship (AI) courses are designed to prepare students for their internships. All medical students are required to complete a minimum of one acting-internship course. There are twenty-seven courses that meet the minimum requirements of an acting-internship.​

  1. The clerkship must be at the 8000 level and a minimum of 4 weeks in duration with at least 70% of the time devoted to hospitalized patients.
  2. Rotation must allow students to take primary responsibility for patients at the level of an early year intern in that specialty including:
      • Completing initial assessment of patients
      • Writing orders and notes
      • Direct participation in calls from  nurses
      • Developing initial plans
      • Providing sign out
      • Direct involvement in cross coverage – answering questions and writing orders for patients that are not their primary patients
      • Direct reporting to faculty or senior resident
      • Participate in night float or overnight call for a minimum of 4 shifts/nights

  3. ​​The student must take primary call similar to the intern on the team. The following courses that meet the minimum requirements for Acting-Internships.


Student Academic Responsibil​ities

In addition to their clinical duties, all medical students enrolled in an acting-internship will be required to complete the following:
  • Oasis Course Evaluations
  • Oasis Faculty Evaluations
  • Oasis Resident Evaluations
  • Oasis Course Career Development Data
  • Completion of a standardized Mid-Point Feedback Form
  • One Quality Improvement project
  • One Advanced Communications project

Additional information regarding these responsibilities may be found in the course syllabus or by contacting the Acting-Internship Course Director.

Available Acting-Internships​​

These Acting-Internship courses meet the University of Colorado School of Medicine requirement for graduation.

Course #​

​​Course Title

Course Director

ANES 8001

Surgery Intensive Care AI

Fareed Azam, MD (

FMMD 8002

Fam Med Univ Hosp AI

Jessica Devitt, MD

FMMD 8017

Northern CO Fam Med/OB AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8018

St. Joseph-Bruner FMC AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8019

St Anthony Nth Fam Med AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8020

St. Mary's Family Med AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8021

Southern CO Family Med AI

Kari Mader, MD


Swedish Family Medicine AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8023

Fort Collins Family Med AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8024

NCFM – Wray Med/Ob AI

Kari Mader, MD

FMMD 8025

NCFM – Sterling Med/OB AI

Kari Mader, MD

MEDS 8001

Medicine AI

Adam Trosterman, MD (

MEDS 8002

​​Hospital Medicine AI

Christopher King, MD (

MEDS 8034

Critical Care St Joseph's AI

Elizabeth Cyran, MD

MEDS 8037

Medical ICU - UCH AI

Ellen Burnham, MD (

OBGY 8000

General Obstetrics AI

Nicki Nguyen, MD

​​OBGY 8001

General Gynecology AI

Nicki Nguyen, MD

​​OBGY 8004

High Risk Maternal/Fet AI

Allison Faucett, MD (

OBGY 8005

Gynecologic Oncology AI

Jaime Arruda, MD

​​OBGY 8012

UH Gynecology AI

Shawna Tonick, MD (

​ORTH 8000 ​Orthopaedic Surgery ​Frank Scott (​)

PEDS 8000

Pediatric AI

Jennifer Soep, MD (

PEDS 8015

Pediatric Neonatology AI

Danielle Smith, MD 
Jennifer Soep, MD 

PEDS 8027

Pediatric ICU AI

Angela Czaja, MD (
Jennifer Soep, MD 

SURG 8000

Gen Surg Univ AI

Paul Montero, MD (

SURG 8001

Gen Surg DHMC AI

Ryan Lawless, MD

SURG 8002

Gen Surg St Joseph's AI

Emily Speer, MD

SURG 8021

Surgical Critical Care AI

Jamie Coleman, MD