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Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)

MD Program

Mission Statement

The University of Colorado School of Medicine is dedicated to preparing physicians who will serve the public by aspiring to excellence in patient care, research, education and community service. The school provides graduates with the foundation for a lifetime of continual learning. Our curriculum integrates clinical, basic science and humanities education throughout all four years of medical school. Our graduates practice scientific and humanistic medicine and possess the skills to provide excellent, empathetic and compassionate patient care. Our graduates are professionally competent, as perceived by university faculty, patients, and as measured by formal external evaluation systems.

Our graduates collaborate with other health care professionals to promote, maintain and improve the health of individuals, communities and patient populations, recognizing and respecting the multicultural values of those they serve. The school is committed to continually reviewing and improving the curriculum as the science and practice of medicine evolves. 

​Medical Program Structure

The Senior Associate Dean for Education, Shanta Zimmer, MD, oversees undergraduate medical education, including curriculum management, admissions, student affairs, assessment and evaluation, and educational technology.

Our integrated four-year curriculum was designed to promote self-directed and lifelong learning through all four years of the curriculum. Students are provided with opportunities to select projects and tracks of learning that are of personal interest. The Assistant Dean of Integrated Curriculum, Michele M. Doucette, PhD, oversees the MD program's curriculum integration and mapping endeavors.

The MD program curriculum is led by a team of Assistant Deans, Phases I and II, in years one and two, are the Essentials Core, led by Assistant Dean Andrew Bradford, PhD. Phase III, the third year, is the Clinical Core and is led by Assistant Dean Jennifer Adams, MD. The Longitudinal Curriculum​ is led by Assistant Dean, Marsha Anderson, MD.

The Office of Student Life, which is comprised of Admissions and Student Affairs, is led by Brian Dwinnell, MD. The Admissions office is led by Assistant Dean Nichole Zehnder, MD. The Office of Student Affairs is led by Assistant Deans, Nichole Zehnder, MD and Jeffery Druck, MD. The Curriculum Office is led by Assistant Dean, Michele Doucette, PhD. ​The Evaluation office is directed by Tai Lockspeiser, MD. The Office of Education Technology is directed by Helen Macfarlane, MA.

Elshimaa Basha, MPH, CHSE, serves as director of the Center for Advancing Professional Excellence, a state-of-the-art center for standardized patients and simulation.​​