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Frequently Asked Questions

School of Medicine Admissions

  • What is the probability of acceptance?

    University of Colorado, School of Medicine receives over 7,000 applications and interview 650-700 applicants each year for 184 positions in the entering class. Please see our Selection Criteria.

  • How can I get a waiver of your application fee?
    Fee waivers are automatically granted to applicants who have an AMCAS fee waiver (now obtained through the AAMC Fee Assistance Program). This information is forwarded to us by AMCAS.  FAP is the only fee waiver accepted and the University of Colorado does not have an additional fee waiver program.   

  • How many letters of recommendation do I need to submit?
    All letters must be transmitted electronically through AMCAS. Please do not submit any paper or electronic letters of recommendation to the Office of Admissions. Please visit the AMCAS website, for information on how to submit letters of recommendation through their services.
    Applicants are required to obtain letters to support their candidacy for admission. We require three to five letters; letters can come from a faculty member, clinical experience, research experience, or a current job.  Please see Thoughts from the Admissions Dean on Letters.

  • Should I send my transcripts to the University of Colorado School of Medicine?
    No.  We receive your official grades on the AMCAS application. 

  • Can I take prerequisites at a community college?
    Yes, however all prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculation. For additional information see Requirements for Admission.

  • Do you require an undergraduate degree?
    An undergraduate degree is required prior to matriculation.

  • What are the oldest MCAT scores you accept?
    The oldest MCAT result accepted for applicants applying for August 2016 matriculation is September 2013. Additional MCAT information may be found at MCAT Information.

  • If I am not accepted can you tell me why?
    We regret that with more than 7,000 applicants we are unable to provide individual feedback on applications.  However, if you are interviewed and not accepted, you may be invited to attend a session on how to improve your application after the admissions season closes.

  • Do you give preference to residents of the state of Colorado?
    As a state institution, Colorado residents are a high priority however we also encourage applicants from other states to apply. Every new class is a mix of Colorado residents and non-Colorado residents.

  •  Can I transfer to the CU School of Medicine from another medical school?

    The University of Colorado School of Medicine accepts transfer students with advanced standing from another LCME accredited medical school in rare circumstances, and only after basic science training is completed, and prior to their clerkship training. To be considered for admission, transfer students must have already successfully passed USMLE Step 1.

    Each transfer student admitted into the medical school with advanced standing must have their academic history and credentials from their previous LCME accredited medical school reviewed and approved by the Admissions Committee prior to being accepted into the medical school.

  • Application updates are NOT accepted. - If you are invited for an interview, this would be the best time to update the Admissions Committee.