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Financial Aid

Application Steps

There are many venues for financial aid at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. See our scholarship page and medical school financial aid resources page.  Go to the Bursar's Office for information about tuition and fees.

Deedee Colussy is the program manager dedicated to assisting CU medical students. Her phone number is 303.724.9117 or she can be emailed at

October – Early March:

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid: with our school code 004508 (University of Colorado Denver).

Note: Need-based financial aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis. We recommend you file your federal tax returns as early in the calendar year as possible so your tax data is available through the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) when completing the FAFSA application. Income tax return data is available through the DRT approximately three weeks after electronic tax filing and eight weeks after paper tax filing.
Review the Financial Aid Presentation
Familiarize yourself with the financial aid process by reviewing the2019-20 Interview Presentation.pdf2019-20 Interview Presentation.pdf that was shared during the interview day. 

UCD Access Student Portal  

Watch for information from the Admissions Office regarding student ID number and claiming your student email account. The log in information for your email is the same as UCD Access.


The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office will be reviewing your application and determining if we need additional information. Watch for our email(s) detailing your next steps. If you are required to submit additional documentation send it as soon as possible, without this information we cannot determine your financial aid offer.


Watch for an email notification regarding your award offer. You will use UCD Access to review your award package. It is advisable to print the offer and the estimated financial budget to help you better understand and compare figures.


For information on our scholarships, see our Scholarships for Accepted Students Web page.

Personal Finances

Understanding your financial circumstances prior to beginning medical school in August should be high priority. The resources below offer a plethora of information to help you manage your financial resources. Before signing a lease or making another financial commitment remember you will have a limited amount of resources to support all of your personal expenses as a medical student. You’re in control; be savvy and consider all your options.



Do You Understand Your Credit Situation?

You can use to review your credit report information. Annually you are allowed to request one from each of the agencies. It has been suggested to obtain one report from each agency every four months. Please note: you are not provided your credit score, rather, you should review your report to ensure all information is accurate.

•     Equifax: January
•     TransUnion: May
•     Experian: September

This approach allows you to have a regular review of your credit history throughout the year, versus taking all three reports once.


Note: If you accept a federal Graduate PLUS loan you will be required to pass a credit check in order to receive the funds. If you are unable to pass the credit check you will not receive the PLUS loan funds. As a general rule, you must have “adverse-free credit history” to be approved. Examples of adverse-free include, but not limited to: delinquencies, bankruptcies, or court judgments against you. If you are concerned about your credit history and being able to obtain the PLUS loan, please contact us to discuss your situation.





Phone: 303.724.9117 ​