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The University of Colorado Anesthesiologist Assistant Program


Ann-Michael Holland, CAA, MMSc

Program Director

The University of Colorado Master of Science in Anesthesiology Program takes great pride in offering students the highest caliber of training from our faculty and the clinical opportunities provided by a world class facility. Anschutz Medical Campus, including the University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado, provides an unparalleled clinical learning experience and the Department of Anesthesiology faculty is heavily invested in the success of our students.  This rigorous 28 month program challenges students to become excellent clinical providers focused on the highest quality of patient care. 

Graduates of the CU AA Program join a very special group of alumni who have proceeded to represent the University locally as well as nationwide. Our program has graduates in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin.

We celebrate continued success as far as the type of well-rounded, professional, and highly skilled graduates our students have become. We also commend all of the CU graduates on a record of 100% job placement and 100% passing on the National Certification Exam.

We look forward to continued success and growth.

The 2020-2021 application portal on CASAA opens on April 13th 2020.

Applicants who are accepted during this cycle will begin the program in August 2021. PLEASE NOTE: While we set a deadline of February 26, 2021, we operate on a rolling basis so APPLY EARLY.

For COVID-19 updates related to CAS operations, please visit 

We are currently working remotely so please reach out to the program office via email with any questions. Please see the link above for CASAA updates. We will continue as normal for applications with the dates listed above. We usually start interviews towards the end of summer and will update this page if anything changes due to COVID-19. 
Thank you for your understanding during this time.

MCAT Concerns
We are aware of MCAT exams being cancelled and we will adjust our admissions process and end dates accordingly. If you upload your application without an MCAT score, please let us know that you will be taking the exam when they are offered again. When you receive your score, please reach out to CASAA to have it added to your application. ​
Please see the information listed on the link below regarding MCAT testing open from May 29 - September 28

Shadowing Concerns
We understand that many hospital sites are no longer offering shadowing opportunities due to COVID-19. You can submit your application without shadowing hours and we will adjust our requirements as needed. When hospitals offer shadowing again, you will be expected to fufil your hours and it is your responsibility to upload the document to CASAA.​

We understand that some universities and colleges do not have in person labs whilst some are still offering them. If there is absolutley no way for you to complete an in person lab in your city, we will accept home lab kits taken from February 2020 onwards, until further notice. If you fall into this home lab group, please reach out to the program office for confirmation.