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Hypobaric Chamber at ARC

Altitude Research Center

Improving life through research on how hypoxia affects human health and performance

A continuous supply of oxygen is essential for proper physical and mental functioning. If this supply is compromised for any reason, a condition called hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen, results.

Large gaps still exist in our understanding of how the body is impacted by hypoxia. The Altitude Research Center studies hypoxia using the full array of modern medical research tools.

The Altitude Research Center has programs in three distinct areas:

  1. Integrative physiology of hypoxia
  2. Cellular, molecular, and genetic biology of hypoxia
  3. Epidemiology of living with mild hypoxia



Robert Roach, PhD​


Director Emeritus

Benjamin Honigman, MD


Research Staff

Daniel Dvorkin

Jeff Gronewold

Jeremy Reitinger 

Affiliated Researchers

Vaughn Browne, MD, PhD

Chris Davis, MD

Peter Hackett, MD

Justin Lawley, PhD

Andrew Lovering, PhD

David Polaner, MD​

Andrew Subudhi​, PhD

Yang Xia, MD, PhD

Michael Yaron, MD