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Tips for Creating a Capstone Poster

Simples Rules for a Good Poster Presentation

Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation by Thomas Erren and Philip Bourne offers some simple rules to guide you in the development of your poster presentation. 

Author Philip Bourne offers additional presenation suggestions in his article Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presenations​

Taming the Graphics

Now that you have a handle on your prose, let’s take a look at how to arrange the text on the poster and add supporting images to engage and educate your viewer.

Here are several sites that provide an overview of principles of good poster design.

Poster Presentation of Research Work from Newcastle University's School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
This site breaks down good poster design into 13 pearls that are direct and easy to follow.

Tips for Posters in the Humanities from Stanford
This brief section touches on some ideas for posters in the humanities.

Creating Effective Poster Presentations :: An Effective Poster this site was created by authors from three universities and is a comprehensive look at poster design and creation.

Designing Conference Posters by Colin Purrington
This is an blog entry that has many good examples. The writier has fun with describing good and bad layout and has some creative ideas thrown in also.

Printing Suggestions: 

Below are some suggestions for printing your Capstone poster given to us by students and staff. (Links to an external site.)

 -- or --​

 PhD Posters ( (Links to an external site.)).