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Student Billing - Bursar's Office


Delinquent Tuition Collections

Student Debt Management

Delinquent tuition accounts  for prior semesters* are referred to the Student Debt Management. If accounts are not paid in full, a 20% internal collection fee will be assessed on the unpaid balance, this is in addition to the 1.75% service charge per month all past due accounts are subject to. If your account is referred to a third party agency, you must pay any collection costs and attorney fees allowed by the Uniform Consumer Credit Code.

*For Anschutz Medical Campus students, delinquent tuition accounts older than two semesters are referred to an external collection agency approved by the University of Colorado DenverAnschutz Medical Campus.

Stops on your Records/Registration

You will have a financial stop on your records if you owe the University an outstanding debt. The debt must be paid in full in order for the stop to be removed. Financial stops will hold transcripts, diplomas, registration, drop/add, and re-admission.

The debt could be a result of outstanding tuition, fees, library fines, returned checks, short-term loans or federal loans.

  • Current and former students can pay their bills online with on a checking or savings account on UCD Access. Logon and click the financial tab.

Delinquent Accounts

By Colorado statute, the University is not permitted to determine the timing nor the agencies to which we refer delinquent student accounts. State law and administrative policies enacted are specific as to the procedures we must follow. Collection activity is now at the discretion of Central Collection Services for the State of Colorado. Once an account has been referred to this agency, the following actions will be taken:

  1. No transcripts will be issued for the student until the bill is paid in full
  2. Service charges of 1.75 percent per month will continue to be assessed
  3. Your account will be reported to the credit bureau


For questions please call Liz Morales at 303-315-1812 or email:

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