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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are approved by the University of Colorado Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, and may change from those shown here without prior notice. Where appropriate, the below rates reflect the College Opportunity Fund​ discounted rate.

Tuition for Non-Degree Undergraduate Students 

Tuition is charged at the resident rate for non-degree undergraduate students who are Colorado residents. Tuition is charged at the standard non-resident undergraduate rate for non-degree undergraduate students who have not established in-state residency. Tuition is charged at the international non-resident rate for non-degree undergraduate students based on VISA permit status. 

Tuition for Courses Taken for No Credit 

Tuition for courses taken for no credit (NC) is the same as for courses taken for credit.

Fractional Credit

Fractional credit is regarded as 1 hour in assessing tuition and fee charges.

Please Note: The tuition rates below do not apply to or include Extended Studies credit hours. Tuition for each Extended Studies course is charged in addition to tuition for any "Main Campus" credit hours and is established by the individual University Department/College offering the course. For questions about the tuition rate for a particular Extended Studies course, please contact the offering Department/College.

Mandatory Student Fees 

Students are subject to FULL student fees when enrolled for both online and on-campus courses (courses with an in-person component).

Students enrolled in online courses only, are responsible for paying the Information Technology and Student Information System (SIS) fees (as well as the matriculation and international student fees, if applicable).

Students enrolled in Continuing Education courses that are off campus are only assessed the Information Technology and Student Information System (SIS) fees. However, students who are enrolled in courses taught on campus or concurrently enrolled in both Continuing Education and Denver main campus courses located on campus are subject to full student fees.​​

Out of State Online Only (OOSOO) 

Out of state Denver campus students (students who do not reside in state) that are taking online courses only, may be eligible for a tuition rate that is 120% of the resident rate for that course. This rate applies to main campus courses only.

In addition to tuition, OOSOO students are responsible for the Information Technology and Student Information System (SIS) fee.

Students who believe they qualify for this rate must apply at the Registrar's office by completing this a​pplication ​and affidavit​.




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