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Billing Basics

Important basic information to know when it comes to your bill.

Registration Advance Payments (Deposit)

All new University of Colorado Denver students taking classes on the Denver Campus are required to make a registration advance payment (deposit) of $200.00 before they may register for classes. A student who has not attended classes for three semesters is considered new. The ONLY two exceptions to this requirement are:

  • if the Financial Aid Office has received a student's FAFSA data, or
  • if the student has not been admitted to an academic program at CU Denver and is only taking Extended Studies courses.

If a student withdraws from all of their classes before the first day of class, the $200 registration advance payment will be refunded (after the census date). If a student withdraws from all of their classes on or after the first day of class, the $200 registration advance payment will be forfeited to the University. If a student does not withdraw from all of their classes, the $200 registration advance payment will be treated as a deposit toward the student's tuition and fees.

HOW TO: Pay Your Registration Advance Payment (Deposit) [pdf]


​​Online Services

Students can view their balance, see current and previous bill activity as well as make payments in UCDAccess.  Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA) or Electronic Bank Withdrawal are accepted.  A service fee of 2.75% of the payment amount will be assessed for all credit and debit card transactions.


Payments by Mail

Personal checks, cashier checks and other forms of hard-copy payment can be mailed to:
University of Colorado Denver Bursar's Office
13120 East 19th Avenue
Campus Box A098
Aurora, CO 80045
Payments must be RECEIVED by the deadline date. Postmarks are not honored.

Late Payment Charges

Past due charges are assessed a once-per-term late charge, as well as monthly service charges on the past due balance.  The late charge amount is based on the past due balance.  Please see table below.  The service charge is 1% of the past due balance and will be added to a student account if the account is not paid in full. This charge will be assessed to a student account that has an unpaid balance on the bill due date, and on the last day of each month thereafter. The University of Colorado Denver will consider an adjustment of service charges only in cases of University error or where the University has been responsible for a delay in normal processing. To dispute a charge, complete the Service Charge, Course Drop Charge, and Forfeiture Petition​.

​ $1.00 - 99.99 ​ $5.00
​ $100.00 - 299.99 ​ $10.00
​ $300.00 - 499.99 ​ $20.00
​ $500.00 - 699.99 ​ $30.00
​ $700.00 - 899.99 ​ $40.00
​ $900.00 - and over ​ $50.00

Course Drop Charges

If a student wishes to drop a course/section, they must do so before Tuesday of the second week of class to avoid a $100 per course/section drop charge. Beginning the second Tuesday of the semester until census date-a $100 drop charge will be assessed each time a student drops a course. If a student withdraws (therefore dropping all classes), a drop charge will be assessed for each course.