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CTRC Scheduler FAQ

Scheduling Visits:

Q: What happens if my participant does not have an MRN?
A: Please submit here to request that an MRN be generated in EPIC and your participant will be added to the Scheduler system. A confirmation email will be sent to you. 

Q: Will participants need to check out after DEXAs?
A: Yes, all patients must check out at the front desk to ensure we are able to monitor the length of all visits. If your patient forgets, you can call the front desk or the CTRC Scheduler team. 

Q: Can you invite other people to a visit using the CTRC Scheduler website?
A: No, but anyone who is associated with that specific study can see the visit on their homepage calendar. 

Q: Will the Nutrition Core need to schedule late-add appointments?
A: Yes, they will need to be prepared to schedule add-ons. The coordinator can call the core once the patient has been added to the study. The Nutrition Core will then approve or decline the late-add and schedule the patient. The visit can then be viewed on the CTRC Scheduler calendar.

Q: How will cancellation of nutrition services work?
A: With the new CTRC Scheduler, the cancellation of a visit will simultaneously communicate this cancellation to the Nutrition Core.

Q: How should we handle scheduling phone visits?
A: It will still need to be scheduled via the CTRC Scheduler, but the template will be built showing it is a coordinator only visit. 

Q: When can should I use comments?
A: Please use the comments to provide specific information about the patient who is scheduled (ie, this patient has a port). Please use the comments to provide specifics about the visit template. For example, if your visit is titled “Study Visit,” please use a comment to specific “Study Visit 3” as it reads in the EPIC orders. Please use the comments if you have nutrition as a component of the visit and enter the completed nutrition template into the comments. 

Q: What happens if I need to schedule a visit that will take place sooner than the seven-business day deadline?
A: First, please search the CTRC Scheduler site for the requested day to find an available timeslot that you would like to request. Do not schedule the visit yet. Instead, contact the CTRC Scheduler team or the front-desk FIRST and any core who will be involved in the visit to request the visit. Once approved, the core and the Scheduler team will schedule the visit for you. It will then appear on your calendar. 

Q: Do you receive a notification when a visit is added to the Scheduler calendar?
A: No. Therefore, it is important that the cores and the front-desk are notified of any late-add visits. Otherwise, the visit will not be prepared for and will not be in EPIC when the participant arrives.

CTRC Scheduler Access:

Q: Will the CTRC Scheduler website work on a Mac?
A: Yes! The website works on PCs and Macs. You must be on a University computer otherwise; you will need to log-in to the University VPN prior to accessing the website. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers work best. 

Q: When I am on the homepage viewing the calendar, is there any way to see just one study or to search for an individual patient’s visit?
A: Yes. You can filter the calendar to view a specific study, a specific patient (by searching last name), resource, or the status of the visit (scheduled vs cancelled).

Protocol Builds & Visit Template Updates: 

Q: What if my protocol’s visits routinely take longer or shorter than the allotted time?
A: Please contact the CTRC Scheduler team as we will be able to adjust your visit templates. 

Q: How do I notify the Scheduler team that a new study is in the pipeline? What information do they need to begin building the study and the visits?
A: Please send an email to the CTRC Scheduler team​ notifying us of the COMIRB number and the visits you would like built. We will send you a follow-up email requesting any additional information. 

Q: What if I sometimes use the CTRC’s NP or PA and other times, I use our departments NP or PA?
A: We will build two visit types for you- one with the CTRC’s provider and another without. Please communicate this information to the CTRC Scheduler team. 

Q: If the visit allows different components to occur at flexible times, how will we know the order of the visit?
A: When you schedule the visit, the finalized order of events will appear. You can also review the order when you view the visit on the calendar. 

Q: Can a person be a resource along with the other CTRC requested resources?
A: Yes, if your study requires that you use a PI or a specific provider, we can build that into the study template. The study template will be reviewed with you before the CTRC Scheduler goes live on May 7th, 2019.

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