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Network of Translational Technologies (NeTT)

Affiliated Laboratories & Imaging Services

The CCTSI Network of Translational Technologies (NeTT) provides investigators access to biomedical technology cores and resources for their research at subsidized rates.

Advanced Light Microscopy Core Facility

Fluorescent and label-free imaging of various cellular structures or tissues using confocal imaging, TPE/SHG, TIRF, CARS, FCS/FCCS, etc.

Colorado Translational Research Imaging Center (C-TRIC)

C-TRIC is a comprehensive research imaging center providing PET/CT for large animal and human imaging, and MRI, PET, CT, and optical imaging for small animal studies.

Gene-Targeted Vector Generation

Generation of transgenic, knock-out or knock-in mice, viral vectors, constructs for zebra fish, etc.

Genomics and Microarray Core

Illumina and LifeTech sequencing, Agilent and Affymetrix Microarrays, and Somalogic SomaScan.

Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core

Gene targeting in embryonic stem cells, generation of ES cell-derived knockout and knockin mice, transgenic mice, and the cryo-preservation of mouse lines.


Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-, 13C-, and 31P-NMR and two-dimensional NMR) quantitative metabolomica on cells, tissues and body fluids, including multivariate analysis for biomarker discovery.

Proteomics Consortium

Pharmacology Core

Located at Colorado State University, this laboratory focuses on analyte quantitation, compound or metabolite identification, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling in biological systems and matrices.

Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility

Providing custom chemical synthesis and compound identification.

Biobank Consortium

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