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Clinical & Translational Research Centers (CTRC)

Schedule a CTRC Visit


University of Colorado Hospital CTRC Inpatient Scheduling

Important: All studies requiring nutrition support must be pre-approved prior to submitting an E-schedule request to ensure dietary needs on the requested dates.

  1. Download the E-Schedule Request form.
  2. Complete ALL fields in the form � use N/A rather than blanks where appropriate. Appointments will be declined until this information has been provided.
  3. Email completed form to
  4. Schedule requests must be made by Wednesday for appointments the following week.
    • If you have an urgent request that falls outside normal notification period, please send request to AND call the CTRC at 720.848.7907 and ask for the charge nurse on duty.
  5. "On Call" protocols must notify the charge nurse as soon as a patient is identified for admission.
  6. Once your request is approved, you will receive an acceptance notification. A reminder confirmation email will be sent the week prior to your visit. If you note any discrepancies please call 720.848.7907 or 720.848.6421 as soon as possible.
  7. Please send all cancellations as soon as you are aware of them.

University of Colorado Hospital CTRC Outpatient Scheduling

Important: Any nutrition support must be scheduled in addition to your Outpatient scheduling request.

These appointments are made using Outlook. It works much like inviting attendees to a meeting. The form needs to be installed in Outlook before appointments can be scheduled. First, download the CTRC OP Scheduling form and the instructions for installing the form in your Outlook making an appointment. Follow these instructions exactly, and the CTRC Scheduling Form will be available in Outlook for use in scheduling.

Tips for successful scheduling:

  1. Complete all blanks in the form prior to submitting � use N/A rather than blanks where appropriate.
  2. Requests MUST INCLUDE: Patient name, date of birth, Medical Record number (if applicable), protocol number, admitting MD, time of appointment, date of arrival, visit number and information, and grant number(s). If there is any information missing, the CTRC will not schedule an appointment.
  3. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email acceptance notification from the Outpatient Clinic.
  4. Please send all cancellations as soon as you are aware of them.
  5. Patient specific medical orders must be delivered to the clinic prior to patient arrival (preferably the previous day).

Children's Hospital Colorado CTRC Inpatient/Scatterbed Resource Scheduling

  1. Go to EPIC Inbasket
  2. Click on New Msg in upper left corner
  3. You are sending the message to: �P CTRC Scatterbed Resource Requests� [10183]
  4. The subject line should be the EPIC ID for your research study (please refer to the RSR). This is typically in a 00-0000 format.
  5. Attach the patient you are requesting to the message in the Patient line by entering their MRN. Or you can search for the patient with first and last name in the Patient Lookup.
  6. In the body of the message, please enter the following Smartphrase: .RSCHSCHEDULINGNP. You can use either F2 or the yellow arrow to move through the required items which appear as ***.
  7. Click Accept to send the message when you are ready.
  8. Upon receiving the request CTRC staff will review the request and respond in a timely manner letting you know if it�s approved or if there are questions or issues with your particular request.
  9. Once you have received an approval message from the CTRC, please coordinate with the patient/family for arrival date and time.
  10. Also, after receiving approval, you should now schedule any ancillary services you need for the specific protocol (i.e., MRI, DEXA, YSI, X-ray).

National Jewish Health Nursing Scheduling

Schedule at National Jewish Health directly by calling 303.398.1409. Call with the following information: Name, DOB, and medical record number (if seen here before).

The National Jewish Health nursing facility is available from 7:00 to 4:00, or later if necessary. Please allow at least one day advance for scheduling.

CU Boulder CTRC Scheduling

  • Schedule at the CU Boulder CTRC facility by emailing the following to
    Subject Line: Protocol Number and Subject initials
    Email Body
    : Subject Full Name, Appointment Date & Time, and Visit Number
  • Requests received after 3:00 pm for the following day visit will not be accepted.
  • Visits requiring appointments later than 4:00 pm may be arranged with the Nurse Manager.
  • The CU Boulder CTRC facility is available Mondays-Friday 7:00-4:00, and 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month 8:00-4:00.

University of Colorado Hospital CTRC Echocardiogram Scheduling

To schedule an Echo appointment please send an email to or call 720.848.6686.

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