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Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

University of Colorado Denver

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Colorado Pilot Program (CO-Pilot)

Provides one-year pilot awards to encourage cross-disciplinary and collaborative research in clinical and translational medicine.

Translational research is intentionally broadly defined and includes any basic, pre-clinical or clinical research with promise to improve human health. Basic research at the cellular and molecular level, pre-clinical research in animal models, clinical research in humans, and outcomes or health services research are all included.

RFA issued in July, Applications due in September, Selection in February.

CO-Pilot Award Categories

  • Mentored - $30,000
  • Junior - $30,000
  • Independent - $60,000
  • CSU/CU Collaboration - $60,000
  • Team Science - $100,000

Request for Applications (RFA)

The RFA describes eligibility, award types, and application requirements.

Information & Resources

How to Apply

Step 1: Submit Intent to Apply

Detailed information is provided in the RFA

  • The Mandatory online Intent to Apply Form collects minimal information and must be submitted online. Submission by any other means will not be accepted.
  • ​The Intent to Apply is not binding, and information may be revised by applicants during the application process.
  • Submission of the online Intent to Apply Form will generate a confirmation email with your Intent Number, required to Login to online systems.
  • All applicants who submit an Intent to Apply are eligible to submit an Application - this program does not utilize an invitation process.
Submit Intent to Apply - CLOSED   Deadline: August 17, 2016 (5pm MDT)
Withdraw Intent to Apply - CLOSED   Login with PI Name and Intent #                
Step 2: Submit Application

Detailed information is provided in the RFA

  • Login credentials are the PI First Name/Last Name/Intent Number from your Intent to Apply confirmation email.
  • The Application consists of an online Application Form and the Proposal PDF attachment, which must be submitted online. Submission by any other means will not be accepted.
  • The online Application Form prepopulates with Intent information that can be revised as needed until final submission.  The online form will be converted to a Cover Page for your application.  
  • The Proposal must be formatted as a single PDF document, and will be comprised of the Abstract, Research Plan, References, Multiple PI Plan (if applicable), Budget and Justification, Biosketches, Letters of Support (if applicable), and 2017 Checklist Form.
  • The application system will allow you to review and revise your Application Form and Proposal PDF document as often as you wish using the “Save and Return Later”  function.  You may withdraw any unsubmitted application using the "Login to Withdraw Unsubmitted Application" function from the appropriate Program homepage. 
  • Once your application is actively submitted using the “Submit Final Application” function, you will not be able to make any modifications to your Application.  If you wish to withdraw your application after formal submission, please email  Sandy Chalmers with your full name and application number. 
Submit Application - CLOSED   Login with PI Name and Intent #
   Deadline: September 14, 2016 (5pm MDT)
Withdraw Unsubmitted Application - CLOSED

Login with PI Name and Intent # 

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