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Child & Maternal Health Pilot Program (CMH-Pilot)

Review Criteria

Reviewers with appropriate expertise will evaluate eligible applications with a specific emphasis on research that furthers the CCTSI mission and focuses specifically on Child and Maternal Health issues and the goals of the CMH program. Recommendations will be presented to the CCTSI Executive Committee for approval.  All Executive Committee decisions will be final.  Short informative critiques of application strengths and weaknesses will be provided to all applicants in February after selection notifications are made.

Review Guidelines

  • Innovation
    Is the proposal innovative and novel in its hypotheses, approaches, and techniques? Does the application represent a changing research direction or a transition to a new area of research that broadens an investigator’s research program in clinical and translational areas?
  • Approach/Scientific Merit
    Are the hypotheses and the experimental approach sound? What is the likelihood of success given the experiments / proposal as outlined? Are there explicit plans for development of future funding for the project, whether from the NIH, foundations, or commercial sources?
  • Cross-disciplinary or Collaborative Focus
    Does the research involve a new collaboration, especially one that increases its translational nature? Are attempts made to bridge basic and translational researchers in discovery translation?
  • Significance, especially to the CCTSI Mission
    Will the results further our understanding / diagnosis / prevention/ or treatment of human diseases? Making use of CCTSI resources is encouraged and will be taken into account in review.
  • Investigators
    Do the investigators have the necessary expertise and capacity to complete the proposed research? Have the investigators made use of new collaborations? Are attempts made to integrate basic and translational researchers in discovery translation? Are efforts made to collaborate with community researchers or community members, if relevant?
  • Relevance to Child and Maternal Health Issues
    Does the application relate to Child and Maternal Health problems and the goals of the CMH Program as specified below:
    • Is there attention given to the determinants or causes of health and disease?
    • Is the pilot focused on critical or sensitive developmental periods?
    • Are latent effects, pathway effects, and/or cumulative effects examined or considered?
    • Are implications of study findings for health promotion or disease prevention considered?
  • Promotion of Child and Maternal Health Issues
    Does the application promote Child and Maternal Health problems and the goals of the CMH Program below:
    • Promote research in children of all ages?
    • Promote investigation of the mother-child pair and prevention-oriented, life-course outcomes research?
    • Promote innovative research teams, particularly including trainees, capable of interacting across disciplines, schools, and institutions?
    • Support investigators in child and maternal-child studies, regardless of whether the investigator is a pediatrician?

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