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Master of Science in Clinical Science (MSCS)

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Student pictureThis program provides learning in new fields and acquisition of skills in clinical research to prepare clinicians for careers in clinical and translational sciences. Didactic course work and a mentored research project aimed to provide a strong foundation in:

  • computational and statistical tools
  • clinical epidemiology
  • clinical research study design
  • health services and outcomes research
  • biomedical ethics

Degree Requirements

  • a minimum of 30 credit hours, of which no less than 4 and no more than 6 must be thesis/research hours
  • defense/final exam of a thesis or publishable paper
  • students have 8-11 elective credit hours to allow for tailoring of coursework


BIOS 6601 OR BIOS 6611Applied Biostatistics I OR Biostatistical Methods I3
BIOS 6602 OR  BIOS 6612Applied Biostatistics II OR Biostatistical Methods II3
BIOS 6648 OR EPID 6626 OR BIOS 6623 OR EPID 6631Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (2 credits) OR Research Methods in Epidemiology (3 credits; BIOS 6602 is a pre-requisite) OR Advanced Data Analysis (3 credits) OR Analytical Epidemiology (3 credits)2-3
CLSC 6210Research Seminars in Clinical Science1
CLSC 6210 is taken over 1 year typically during the second year of the MSCS Program
CLSC 6270Critical Appraisal Seminars in Clinical Science1
CLSC 7101Grant Writing I1
Prerequisite classes: BIOS 6601 & EPID 6630
CLSC 7150Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research1
EPID 6630Epidemiology3
CLSC 6699 OR CLSC 6950Masters Research Project: Publishable Paper OR Masters Research Project: ThesisVar
Must take the following prerequisite classes prior to registering for CLSC 6699 or CLSC 6950: BIOS 6601 & BIOS 6602 or BIOS 6611 & BIOS 6612, CLSC 7150, EPID 6630
  • Core course credits: 15-16
  • Thesis/Research credits: 4-6
  • Elective course credits: 8-11
  • Total required credit hours for degree = 30

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